Ogun Muslim leaders seek thorough investigation into subsidy-related corruption


Ogun Muslim leaders have called for a thorough investigation into subsidy-related corruption and the redirection of funds toward revitalizing national infrastructure and creating job opportunities for unemployed youths.

Additionally, the Muslim leaders urged the state government to ensure equitable distribution of subsidy benefits to reach those in need.

In a momentous gathering of spiritual leaders, the League of Imams and Alfas, Ogun State Chapter, convened at the Egba Central Mosque, Kobiti, Abeokuta, on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

This assembly, led by President General Shaykh Sikirullahi Babalola and esteemed Grand Chief Imams, including Shaykh AbdulRazaq Ayanbadejo, Shaykh Sa’adallah Bamigbola, and Shaykh AbdulQuadri Jinadu, discussed critical issues affecting the well-being of Muslims in Ogun State and the state’s overall progress.

The Muslim leaders in a communique issued after their quarterly meeting held in Abeokuta, the Secretary General, Rabittah Ogun State,Imam Tajudeen Adewunmi, expressed appreciation for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s efforts to address Nigeria’s economic challenges, including the removal of fuel subsidies.

They however, urged the President to swiftly alleviate the hardships faced by impoverished Nigerians.

The State government was called upon to uphold fairness in cabinet appointments.

The Muslim community stressed the importance of proportional representation for practicing Muslims, citing their integrity and commitment to conducting public affairs with justice, accountability, and excellence.

The leaders advocated an end to the practice of appointing individuals who are not genuinely committed to the Muslim faith.

The Muslim leaders reaffirmed their commitment to religious tolerance and condemned any infringement on Muslims’ right to worship freely.

They called attention to recurring attacks on Muslims during traditionalist rituals, urging state governors and security agencies in the Southwest to address this issue.

The Inspector General of Police and Commissioners of Police in the region were put on notice regarding these concerns.

While commending the State government for respecting the rights of female Muslim students to wear hijab in schools, the Muslim community expressed dismay at reports of intimidation and persecution by some school authorities and teachers.

The community called on the government to advise these individuals to cease such actions, warning that appropriate legal action would be taken as necessary.

The Muslim community pledged its commitment to the success of the Human Papillomavirus vaccination program and other health initiatives.

They encouraged the public, especially eligible females, to take advantage of the vaccination program.

The meeting called on relevant agencies, including the National Orientation Agency, to enhance advocacy efforts to inform the public about government programs.

The assembly concluded with special prayers for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Abiodun, the peace, unity, and prosperity of Nigeria, Ogun State, and Allah’s blessings upon the Ummah.


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