Ogun alert residents on Cholera outbreak


The Ogun government has alerted residents on the outbreak of cholera in the Ijebu North local government area of the state.

Dr Tomi Coker, the State Commissioner for Health, disclosed this in an alert message issued in Abeokuta on Sunday.

” There is an Outbreak of Cholera (Aarun òní gbá méjì) in the Ijebu North Local Government area of Ogun State.

” Cholera is known to occur during raining seasons and may also be associated with poor environment and personal hygiene.

” It commonly present with stooling with or without vomiting leading to dehydration. Cholera can result to death if the severe dehydration is not promtly corrected.

” We implore all citizens of Ogun state to report all cases of Stooling with or without vomiting to the nearest government health facility and notify the LGA DSNO (08069788449).

” Ensure proper personal and environmental hygiene. Citizens should wash their hand frequently (before and after using the toilet or eating).

” Use water from clean sources, treat water before use and boil before drinking.

“Wash and cook food thoroughly before eating.

” Prevent open defecation
Please be careful of the food and water you take, because cholera is caused by water or food contaminated with faeces,” She said.


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