Egba economic summit sues for caution, congratulates legislators-elect


Nigerians have been asked to exercise extreme caution on the recent elections by being circumspect, patriotic and responsible in their comments.

The President of the Egba Economic Summit, EES, Chief Shina Luwoye, who gave this advice in a release on Wednesday noted that election was a process and urged aggrieved Nigerians to follow constitutional means of resolving perceived electoral irregularities rather than calling for outright cancellation of the results, a move which he described as “hasty, wasteful and retrogressive”.

He posited that such calls for cancellation will have negative humongous impact on the micro and macro economic indices and worsen the hardships currently being endured by hapless Nigerians.

Chief Luwoye, a former President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), said the Constitutional provisions for addressing electoral disputes were adequate and should be exhaustively explored as “calling for cancellation amounted to throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

“Elections have been concluded and results have been collated up to state levels. Obviously the winner has emerged at all levels.

“Any cancellation at this point shall amount to annulments of the election with grave consequences for any rerun and these could terminate our nascent democracy.

“These are the consequences of these evil propositions and must be rejected and resisted by all persons and institutions in Nigeria,” he added.

He congratulated the National Legislators- Elect from Ogun Central and reminded them of the need to make life changing laws that will not only make life more abundant for people but also deepen and safe guard our democratic experience.

He expressed the readiness of Egba Economic Summit to collaborate with the Senator and other Honourable members of the National Assembly in working through with the Egba agenda for the 10th Assembly notably on the desire of Egba Nation to host the University of Medical Sciences and a Free Trade Zone.

“After 24 years of unbroken democracy, it behoves on us all to be mindful of our utterances, actions, thoughts and relationship with fellow Nigerians by being considerate, tolerant and loving. We must not allow the labours of our heroes past to be in vain,” the statement concluded.


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