2023 Senatorial Election : Why Ogun East Should Produce OGD



  • Taiwo Nodiru.

Democracy is universally defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Democracy also operates on the arms of the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislative. The principles of justice, equality and fair play are the basic ingredients of any genuine democracy.

Ever since the return of the democratic governance in 1999, there have not been any remarkable federal government project / institution / infrastructural development anywhere within the existing nine local government areas of Ogun East.

The State Government can only try within the available resources to develop all parts of the State but the State Government efforts alone can’t guarantee rapid / total infrastructural developments and social needs of the people of the State, hence , the need for a competent federal backup.

From the available records / experiences, most of the State that are enjoying federal presences have their best legs in the National Assembly especially in the Red Chamber.

Most of the Northern States have their former Governors representing them in the upper chamber of the National Assembly due to their capacities and experiences. Knowing fully that they can’t ever be a push – over. Some of the Eastern states are now following the trend and the better for the people of their States.

Ogun East Senatorial District has produced many Distinguished Senators in the past ( no need of mentioning names ) and they have all tried their bests but their bests are not the best for us.

As I write now, do we have any federal institution – University, Polytechnic or College of Education located anywhere in Ogun East ? The answer is CAPITAL NO.

Do we have any federal health Institution, research centers , industry, airport etc located anywhere in Ogun East ? The answer is CAPITAL NO

We can’t continue to put people who doesn’t have the full capacity, required experience and political sagacity in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly and expect our present predicaments to change. It will not happen. It’s what we plant that we will reap.

This time around that the 2023 general election is fast approaching. We must change our tactics for better things to start flowing our ways in Ogun East Senatorial District.

We don’t need people that are still looking for money, fame, popularity or federal connections to represent us in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly this time around. It will no longer be business as usual.

No more trial by error / I support the motion / sit – down-look or “this way to” kind of Senator to represent us in the National Assembly. The jobs / assignments ahead are not meant for LEARNERS.

What shall it profit a man to gather his hard earned resources and throw it into Ogun River ? So, let no one be deceived or waste his resources buying Ogun East senatorial ticket because we, the good people of Ogun East have unanimously agreed that this time around, His Excellency, Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) will represent us in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly come 2023 for our stories to change once and for all. Experience is the best teacher.

The available state government institutions that we have on ground now in Ogun East were given to us by OGD during his successful administration as the Executive Governor of Ogun State ( 2003 – 2011) :

  • Tai Solarin University of Education.
  • Dipo Dina international Stadium.
  • Ogere Trailers Park.
  • Sagamu international Stadium.
  • Sagamu international Market.
  • NYSC Pamanent Orientation Camp, Sagamu.
  • Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu Igbo.
  • The Polytechnic Sapade, Ogere.
  • The Institute of Gas and Petrol- Chemical, Ogun Waterside.
  • The Agro – Cargo International Airport, Iperu Remo ( ongoing)
  • Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu Ijebu.
  • Olokola Free Trade Zone.
  • Dualisation of Sagamu – Ikene Road.
  • Dualisation of Ilisan – Ago Iwoye Road. ( ongoing)
  • Numerous employments opportunities ( to mention but a few)

Without any iota of doubt , OGD is our best leg.

We must all avoid selfishness but come together to ensure total victory for OGD in the coming senatorial election in 2023 for our common interests, progress and development .
History will be kind to us if we can collectively achieve this.

Let me once again call on the good people of Ogun East Senatorial District – Artisans, Market Men/Women, Civil / Public Servants, Students, Imams / Alfas , Pastors / Clergymen and our highly revered Traditional Rulers to continue to support the aspiration of OGD as our next Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

God bless Ogun State.

God bless Ogun East

God bless OGD. ( Tested and Trusted ).

Thank you all.

Oyilaki Obaomo
Ago Iwoye, Ijebu.
Ogun State.


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