Woman seeks divorce on religion differences


A Fashion Designer, Kehinde Soetan, on Tuesday, approached an Igando Customary Court urging it to grant her a divorce from her husband due to religious differences.

Kehinde had approached the court to finalise her divorce process from the respondent, Mr Akins Soetan, because she was not allowed to practice her religion, Christianity.

“My Lord, I want the court to grant me a divorce from my husband.

“We have been living apart for 13 years already after our marriage in 2007; we had barely lived together for two years when issues started.

“I am a Christian and he’s a Muslim; before we got married, he had told me that I would be able to practice my religion without any hindrance.

“But that was not to be as he refused me going to church and wanted me to practice his religion.

“His father is a well know Imam, and he too said it would not be possible for me to practice Christianity in his son’s house.

“My father is also a pastor and would not want me to change religion because at the inception he had promised that he would allow me.

“The religion difference was the basis of our separation and genesis of our marriage breaking down irretrievably hence every other thing collapsed, no more love as we could not agree on anything.

“Our love was not enough to make either of us compromise our stand on our religion, there was literally no peace either; so it’s best to finalise our divorce so that we can both remarry.

“We have a son, who is 16-years-old, Abdulsalam Soetan. He is through with secondary school.

“So, I want him to be in his father’s custody; I promised myself to see him through school before I move on with my life and I have fulfilled that; now I want to remarry.”

The respondent, Akins, had earlier told the court he was not interested in the case and would not show up and said that the court could go ahead and give its judgment.

The Court President, Mr Koledoye Adeniyi, adjourned until April 28, for judgment.


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