Pelican ecostay apartments developer’s integrity unquestionable, says Adeboye, UK-based Nigerian


…We’re Working To Commission 10 Sets of Apartments September 11

A United Kingdom – based Niggerian, Pastor. Abiodun Adeboye, who is eager to have a country home in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, has expressed the joy that the dream is coming to reality sooner than expected with his investment in the Pelican”s Ecostay Apartments, where nature meets luxury for healthy living and comfort.

Excited Adeboye said he’s elated to invest in the Pelican’s Ecostay Apartments located at the Kobape – Masa corridor of Ogun State, a project of the Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, because of the proven integrity of the developer, Ambassador (Dr) Babatunde Adeyemo.

Describing Adeyemo as “God – fearing man and integrity personified,” he said he knew the realtor through his sister and by also surfing through the real estate firm on Google, before investing with Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited.

Adeboye made this known while speaking exclusively to The Daily Crucible after a tour of the project site with the real estate company CEO, Ambassador (DR) Babatunde Adeyemo on Thursday, June 20, where he also expressed a high level of satisfaction with it.

The UK – based Nigerian noted with both shock and a heart of gratitude that despite the mode of payment which was spread across a period of time and the prevailing inflationary trend in the country, Ambassador Adeyemo did not charge any interest nor do price variation/review for him to reflect current reality about the skyrocketing prices of building materials.

According to him, these are significant incentives that will motivate many people, especially the diasporas, to become homeowners by investing in Pelican Valley’s range of estate products.

While expressing the confidence that Pelican Valley will reach great height in the nation’s real estate sector because of his integrity, fear of God and commitment to quality delivery, he advised Nigerians living abroad not to hesitate to subscribe to Pelican Valley’s estate projects.

Adeboye said, “I got to know about Pelican Valley through my younger sister while I was still in the United Kingdom and through its website and Google. After that I reached out to the CEO Dr Babatunde Adeyemo and what made me subscribe to it is because I can sense some integrity while discussing with him and while we were on audio Whatsapp, he switched to video, showing me the sites for a real direct assessment, I was quite impressed with it.

“So, from discussion with that very first day, I sense some integrity, yes integrity that is just the word and that is what made me to subscribe to the Pelican Valley Ecostay Apartments product.”

“While we were driving to the site, he mentioned something about most of the land we have seen that they are situated within the government acquisition and that was why he moved to a virgin land up to 1.5km away and after that you can then acquire land that will not be subject to government interference or acquisitions. So, I was impressed with that. I know over very few time, that place is going to be fully developed. As someone who knows Abeokuta,, I know that within two years that place will be beyond one’s imagination. I’m impressed with Pelican Brief, I’m impressed with Ecostay Apartments. We also drove to Pelican Valley Laderin and I ‘m impressed with the site, the landscape and everything.

“So, let me summarize it this way. Even without meeting him, I can only summarize that he is a man of integrity. He is a man of integrity and when I eventually met him, he is the same, just the same way he spoke with me on the phone it is the same way he spoke to me face – to – face. And that is what is required in any business dealing or transaction.

“Inflation is everywhere not just Nigeria. There is inflation in England, there is inflation in other parts of United Kingdom. I can give an example, for a small store item like milk, it was .69 Penc but the following week, it rose to 1.16pd just within a space of seven days. And that is just milk and prices are skyrocketing everywhere but salaries and wages remain the same.

“So, the inflation is everywhere it is just that people feel it differently from nation to nation but despite this, there was no price variation for the Pelican Ecostay Apartments to reflect the prevailing inflationary climate. I’m highly impressed with that because if Pelican Valley were to go with the rate of inflation,(in. Nigeria) the current price will almost be double or times of what I paid for. The price remains the same despite the inflation and that is quite an incentive to bring people to subscribe to it. He didn’t collect interest. In fact, there are so many values in the person of Dr Adeyemo and the name Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited itself because people forget that name speaks louder about what you do now because it is your name that will continue to speak. There are so many other developers even in Ogun State and you can see what has happened to some of them , but Pelican Valley remains constant. And if you fear God and fear man, you will go far and I know that he is a God fearing person in terms of business and I’m sure in his personal life as well. I think that is the key.”

Also commenting, the CEO of Pelican Valley, Ambassador Adeyemo who attributed the success of the project to discipline, sacrifice, integrity, prudence and commitment to quality delivery, revealed that about 10 sets of Ecostay Apartments will be commissioned on September 11 this year.

He also disclosed that the firm craves the honour of having the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, and ex – Governor of the state, Aremo Olusegun Osoba to commission the houses on that auspicious day.

He explained that Abiodun’s administration created a wonderful atmosphere for private investors in the real estate to explore and thrive positively, stressing this informed why Pelican Valley also referred to the Governor as “Prince of hope” to show gratitude to him while Baba Osoba is the expected father of the day.

According to Adeyemo, the light Aremo Osoba initiated for rural areas brought development and Pelican Valley to the Masa – Kobape area.

He noted that were it not for the connection of the 33kva trunk line that the elder statesman brought to the Kobape area and Masa community, the firm would not have been able to achieve all it has achieved today.

Adeyemo said, “I got to know Mr Abiodun Adeboye from one of my colleagues when I was still practicing journalism who actually confided in me that she studied me for almost 8 years before she could have the confidence to recommend people that are very close to her to patronise me. And out of my own private research I conducted, I have realized that the average Pelican Valley customer/client has been following me for at least 5 years before calling on me to express interest in buying our lands and properties.

“So, Pelican Valley projects and estates are products that are built on integrity and character. I used to tell my clients that if I could not cheat when I was hungry, it would be quite difficult for me to cheat when I’m now full. Good name is better than silver and gold. That is how we operate.

“When it comes to Ecostay Apartments, it is a place that we want nature to meet luxury and it is very evident that we are a long distance runner.We believe so much in delivery, we don’t joke with investors’ funds and that is what has been helping us to fight inflation, to leverage in a situation where inflation is affecting all aspect of real estate sector in Nigeria. As soon as the money comes in, we will use it to purchase almost 98% of the materials required to do the work. We use our own fund to execute development projects, purchase building materials in bulk and store them so that price variation will not affect it.

“Our system is so unique, we don’t collect interest and we don’t do price variation.Buying of houses is a long distance investment, you can’t ask a client to drop N50,000,000 or N70,000,000 at a go. You have to spread it across 12 Calendar months repayment plan. We don’t collect interest. When the money comes we use it directly for developmental purposes because we have always cut our clothes according to our clothes. We do things the way we are supposed to do it.

“If we say things are bad in Nigeria and all of us are taking advantage of the seemingly bad economy, when will the economy recover? So, it is not all about you having the whole world to yourself. The issue is: what have you done with the little God has given to you?
“And that is what we are really looking at presently in Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited. Presently at Ecostay Apartments, we are set to commission about 10 sets of apartments in the Pelican Ecostay Apartments of which over 90 percent of the subscribers of those apartments have not finished payments.

“Some will be finishing their payments in September next year but we are completing those apartments a year ahead of schedule this September. We are going to commission those houses including that of Mr Abiodun Adeboye this September. We are putting all we have to do that. And come September 11 by the grace of God we are expecting some eminent personalities like the Governor of Ogun State,Prince Dapo Abiodun and Aremo Olusegun Osoba. We crave the honour of having the Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, on that day simply because his administration gave us a wonderful atmosphere for private investors in the real estate to explore and thrive positively. I do call him Prince of hope. We want to use that to show gratitude to him and also Baba Osoba. He is the former Governor of the state, our father and revered elder statesman. He is expected to be our Father of the day by the grace of God to commission the houses because he brought light to that area. The light brought development and Pelican Valley to that area. If not for the connection of the 33kva trunk line that he brought to Kobape area and Masa community, we would not have been able to achieve all we have achieved today. So, by the grace of God, we will be expecting them on that day and God will make it a wonderful one.”


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