Ogun Ex-Agric Commissioner Bags Ondo Varsity Award, seeks support for youths in Agriculture


Wesley University, Ondo State in collaboration with Reality Life Magazine, Ondo State has recognized the Former Commissioner for Agriculture in Ogun State Dr. Adeola Odedina, as the outstanding Agripreneur personality of the year 2023.

Presenting the prestigious award, Wesley University’s Vice Chancellor, Rev Prof Sunday Samuel Obeka, commended Dr. Odedina for his exceptional contributions to the field of agriculture.

Additionally, Dr. Odedina received another accolade as the most outstanding master trainer in agriculture from Agro-Reality Lifestyle Magazine.

Expressing his gratitude, he stated that the recognition would serve as motivation to further contribute to the agricultural sector.

Dr. Odedina, who doubled as a guest lecturer at the event, emphasized the need for stakeholders to support young people venturing into agriculture.

He highlighted key areas requiring assistance, including access to land, financial support, and the integration of technology and mechanization.

Dr. Odedina underscored the importance of providing credit to young farmers, citing the substantial investment required for cultivating crops like cassava.

He emphasized the necessity of mechanization and technology to attract the younger generation to agriculture.

Moreover, he addressed the crucial aspects of off-taking and marketing, emphasizing the need for young farmers to be connected with industries that can utilize their agricultural produce as raw materials.

Odedina stressed the significance of training programs that focus on efficiency, cost reduction, and market linkage to young individuals.

He appealed to Stakeholders in agriculture, institutions to play a pivotal role in supporting the youth interested in agriculture.

He advocated for accessible loans, short and market-oriented training to empower young farmers and ensure their success.

” As we encourage the youth to embrace agriculture, let us also provide the necessary support, creating a sustainable pathway for the next generation of agripreneurs”.

“My take today is that the government, institution, stakeholders should also think on how to support youth so that they can go into agriculture by supporting them in those areas .

“Let them access loan, give them short training, then market training . We must be very careful when we are pushing out youth to go an do agriculture , if we are sending youth out to go into agriculture, let us also support them .”

In his lecture, Professor Joseph Adegeye, a distinguished Agricultural Economist called for a collective interest in farming, emphasizing the need to cultivate a generation passionate about agriculture.

He acknowledged that some individuals may be deterred from entering farming when they witness the challenges faced by current farmers.

Despite the potential obstacles, he urged society to recognize the importance of agriculture and actively worked towards creating a community of skilled and dedicated farmers.

In her remarks, the convener of the event Mrs. Oghenemairo Adegeye appreciated the Vice Chancellor, and the awardees for their support.

Mrs. Adegeye passionately emphasized the integral role of farmers, stating that every item consumed, regardless of its origin or packaging, is a product of agriculture.

She acknowledged the relentless efforts of farmers who work against all odds to ensure a constant and reliable food supply.

“Agriculture is very vital; everything we eat comes from agriculture” she said .


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