N.E.Y.I team visit Topmost and Foremost Legal Practitioner In Ogun, Barrister Kayode Akinsola


Consistency is the key in entrepreneurship development, I am proud of the step and actions on your advocacy for youthful entrepreneurship and I will forever give my supports to this initiative , This statement was stated by the most prominent legal practitioner , Barrister Kayode Akinsola, a Polymath, Policy Consultant and a business lawyer. With over two decades of his cumulative experience in Consulting, He has enjoyed patronage from 60 organizations in Africa as well as other continents of the world. He is the President of Queens Group Africa, a Professional services firm based in Nigeria.

The N.E.Y.I team led by The President of Nigeria Entrepreneurship Youth Initiative ( N.E.Y.I ) Adeshola Joseph Adefisoye ( Mr. Diligent) as also tendered the achievement of N.E.Y.I towards its programs and advocacy on practicable digital entrepreneurship skills for Nigeria youths so as not to let youths involve themselves in cybercrime that could lead them into drug abuse.

The President, Nigeria Entrepreneurship Youth Initiative (N.E.Y.I) Adefisoye Adeshola (Mr. Diligent) also stated that N.E.Y.I vision is a big entrepreneurial vision that will librate millions of Nigeria youths through its programs .

Adefisoye said, as the need and call for entrepreneurship increases day by day, the development of entrepreneurship has been stalled in the last few years. This is because of the problems affecting and limiting its development,

The government needs to work with other organisation like N.E.Y.I to foster the creating a better environment for entrepreneurship and the private sector in Nigeria. This will include improving the level of infrastructure in the country.

Also, formal education needs to be revised to produce more innovative mindsets rather than ordinary job seeking dummies.

Modern technology needs to be incorporated in the country and also in the educational system. The agricultural sector needs to be actively revitalized. It has a lot of entrepreneurial potentials and it is embedded in the culture of Nigerians, we will never stop to advocate for entrepreneurship development for our youths in Nigeria, Adefisoye Adeshola ( Mr. Diligent ) added.

Barrister Kayode Akinsola also stated that the goal of being a mentor is to raise a cross section of young minds, who seek understand the applicability of knowledge to their business environments as this mentees are taken through the process of Action Learning and they would be exposed to business solutions in real times.

Barrister Kayode Akinsola, applauded the N.E.Y.I team for being an advocator on youthful entrepreneurship, also in the courtesy visit is the Assistant Director of Media and Publicity for Nigeria Entrepreneurship Youth Initiative ( N.E.Y.I ) Arewa Omowunmi Jimoh, a young and vibrant femalepreneur , OAP and Adire producer, who also contributed by appreciating Barrister Kayode Akinsola for his fatherly love and prompt attention he gives to the N.E.Y.I team.


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