Ibadan: Gtext Lands unveil new estates, Urges Government To Ease Processing Of Titled Documents


By Oluwatope Lawanson

A Real Estate Expert, Ms. Martha Onsachi has urged the federal government and states across the country to ease the processing of titled documents for property owners.

According to her, it will make real estate a more attractive investment option for Nigerians.

Onsachi, the Chief Executive Officer of GText Land, a leading real estate company made the call during the allocation of plots to investors at the White House estate, Moniya and Beryl Golf estate, Ibadan, Oyo State on Thursday.

Onsachi described the process of getting a Certificate of Occupacy and other documents for landed property as being cumbersome.

She, therefore, appealed to government to simplify the process of obtaining title documents to make real estate attractive and accessible to more Nigerians.

“With the right documents, investors would not have to stress themselves going through the process of obtaining title documents for their landed properties.

Speaking further, she disclosed that White House and Beryl estates are two of their major estates, which some smart investors bought into when the price was relatively cheaper.

“We are here to allocate to smart investors who invested in months before now,” she said.

Speaking on other investment options and benefits of real estate, the real estate expert said that Gtext Land focused more on land banking

According to her, land banking help smart investors reap the dividends of investing in real estate.

She disclosed that the company’s mission is to help investors build wealth through land banking with the use of innovation and technology.

“For those who want to increase their investment portfolio, land banking is their best bet and as a real estate company; we help them grow their investment through land banking.

“Gtext Land has made it easier for investors to invest; offering them an opportunity to buy at a lower price and keep it for a longer period of time.

“Also, either use it or flip it off for profit or you can build for residential or for commercial purposes and this is all what land banking entails,” she said.

Onsachi explained that the benefits of owning a property at the estate is that they give luxury service plots.

She also assured interested investors that they are buying into a service estate that comes with perimeter fencing, access roads to their plot of land, and a centralized sewage system.

“This property comes with a whole lot of package and that is why we call it luxury service plots,” she said.


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