Fuel increment: NANS Issues stern warning to Federal Government, NNPC, vows to protect students’ interests


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has issued a stern warning to the Federal Government and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) regarding any potential increase in fuel prices.

Mr Pedro Obi , President,
National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) , stated this in a statement issued in Abeokuta on Wednesday.

NANS President declared that should such an attempt be made, Nigerian students will not hesitate to truncate the activities of those behind it.

“NANS, as the umbrella body for Nigerian students, is deeply concerned about the potential consequences of fuel price hikes on the already burdened student community and the Nigerian masses.

“It is our firm belief that any further increase in fuel prices will exacerbate the challenges faced by students, leading to the withdrawal of many from schools due to financial difficulties.

“Under our administration, we will not stand by while students suffer due to poverty caused by government policies at any level.

” We are committed to protecting the interests of Nigerian students and ensuring their right to quality and affordable education is upheld.

” We hereby send a clear message to the Federal Government and NNPC that any attempt to increase fuel prices will be met with strong resistance from NANS. We will mobilize students and the masses to challenge this at any point in time, expressing our discontent and demanding a reversal of such detrimental policies.

” It is our expectation that the government takes this warning seriously and engage in meaningful dialogue with NANS and other stakeholders to find lasting solutions to the challenges faced by students. The education and well-being of Nigerian students should remain a top priority for the government,” he said.

Obi called on all students, student organizations, and concerned citizens to remain vigilant and ready to stand up for their rights.

“Together, we can create a better future for Nigerian students and ensure that poverty does not hinder our access to education.


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