Financial inducement can not sway voters in Ogun says former Nigerian UK ambassador


Former Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Sarafa Isola, on Tuesday, stated that money holds no sway in Ogun’s political landscape, asserting that the state’s sophistication prevents it from succumbing to financial inducements during elections.

Isola, recognized with the Outstanding Nigerian Diplomat award by the Freelancer and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (Ogun State chapter) during the World Radio Day celebration in Abeokuta, highlighted that history supports his claim, with the highest spenders consistently losing elections in the state.

Addressing concerns about vote buying, Isola emphasized Ogun State’s political consciousness and enlightenment, dismissing worries about monetary influences in elections.

He urged other states to emulate Ogun in fostering a politically aware populace.

Stressing the need for harmony in leadership transitions, Isola labeled it a joint responsibility between leaders and the people, advocating for peace as a catalyst for sustained development.

In a call for unity, Isola urged everyone to be advocates of peace, emphasizing that eight years is insufficient for comprehensive community or state development.

Regarding the significance of radio, he highlighted its accessibility, especially in rural areas, underscoring its influence as a powerful medium for disseminating messages across Nigeria.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG Johnson Kokumo,has emphasized that every region in Nigeria faces insecurity, including kidnapping, banditry, murder, piracy, cultism, and bombings.

He spoke as a guest speaker at the World Radio Day event organized by FIBAN in Ogun State, urging communities to take responsibility for combating crime.

DIG Kokumo called on radio presenters to use their platform in the fight against criminal activities, highlighting the pervasive nature of insecurity across the nation.
Additionally, he urged Nigerians to collaborate in preventing indiscriminate travel abroad, known as “Japa.”

The event also honoured individuals such as Senator Adeola Olamilekan and acknowledged outstanding contributions in various fields, including broadcasting and diplomacy.


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