Celebrated crime Journalist, Juliana Francis Unveils New Book on Child Trafficking


Award-winning journalist Juliana Francis is gearing up to release her groundbreaking book titled “We Are Priceless,” which delves into the harrowing issue of child trafficking and sex slavery. The book launch is scheduled for August 31, 2023, at the POWA Hall in Ikeja, Lagos.

The event will be graced by esteemed dignitaries from various sectors. Dr. Solomon Arase, the Chair of the Police Service Commission, will preside over the launch, alongside Ms. Olufunke Fayemi and Mrs. Evelyn Usman, prominent figures in the fight against trafficking. The Special Keynote Speaker is Dr. Godwin Morka, the former director of the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

“We Are Priceless” sheds light on the incredible story of five brave children who managed to escape sex slavery after being deceived by those they trusted. Juliana Francis emphasizes the vulnerability of children who fall prey to human traffickers and highlights the urgent need to protect them from exploitation and abuse.

The book calls for a united effort from all sectors to combat human trafficking by educating young individuals about the dangers and encouraging their involvement in stopping this heinous crime. Francis stresses that Nigerian children as young as eight years old are often subjected to sex slavery and child labor, with tragic consequences.

As a passionate advocate for exposing crimes against humanity, especially concerning the girl-child, Juliana Francis has received numerous accolades and international recognition for her investigative journalism. With an academic background in Literature-In-English from the University of Ilorin, Francis has been a prominent figure in various reputable newspapers, including The Sun, Nigerian Compass, Newswatch, and New Telegraph.

She is the CEO of Youthlens Initiative Development and Youthlens.com, using her media consulting expertise to support young journalists through mentoring and training programs. Readers interested in her work or wishing to get in touch with the author can reach her at 0802 368 4524.

The forthcoming launch of “We Are Priceless” promises to bring attention to the urgent issue of child trafficking and rally support from diverse sectors to put an end to this horrific crime against innocent children.

As the Chairman of the We Are Priceless Book Launch Committee, Abiodun Bello, stated, “We Are Priceless’ centers on the escape of five courageous children from sex slavery, which they were deceived into by the people who their parents and guardians trusted.”

According to the author, the book reminds us of how vulnerable children continue to be sacrificed on the altar of unbridled wealth accumulation via the selfish quest of adults who should protect them. Juliana Francis said, “For too long, parents have been fooled into giving their children to human traffickers and merchants of child labor.”

“It is a campaign tool for all sectors, showing the realities of human trafficking and urging Nigerians to join the fight to checkmate the menace,” she added.


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