Body of Day-Old Baby Found Floating on Ijaye Stream


Body of a baby presumed to be a day-old before death, has been found floating in a stream at Ijaye community in Abeokuta, the state capital.

According to residents, the corpse could have been dumped into the water almost immediately after birth by the mother of the late baby, near a popular market in the community.

A woman who simply identified herself as Ajiun gave The Nation Newspaper some details. She said : ‘’We were shocked to discover the body of the baby floating on the river. It was a day old baby as revealed by his curly hair and umbilical cord which was still intact.

‘’It is sad that a child which is a divine gift from God could be so treated by a heartless mother this way. Such woman deserves curses and that was what residents did; we cursed mother of the baby.’’ Ajiun added

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