Biochemist practitioners to check drug abuse, addiction among youths


Members of Biochemist Practitioners Association of Nigeria (BPAON) have volunteered to check drug abuse and addiction among youths in Nigerian.

Olayemi Ikotun, the association’s President, made this known in a statement in Lagos on Friday.

According to Ikotun, within the last 20 years, the involvement of youths in drugs addiction, misuse and abuse has taken a wide, rapidly and frightening dimension.

He said adolescent and young adult of both sexes between the age of 13 and 30 years constitute the high-risk group for drug-abuse.

“Biochemist practitioners statistics analysis show that more than 70 per cent of drug abusers in Nigeria are youths. Statistics also show that youths start engaging in drug misuse and abuse even as early as the age of 10 years old.

“Am scared. In the next 10 years to come some of our youths must have been experiencing various diseases and damage associated with heart organs.

“Due to the unwanted hard particles and contaminants releases from hard drugs, which damage their heart cavities and eventually lead to cardiac arrest and might finally lead to death if care is not taken,” Ikotun said.

He said that the BPAON members’ major focus on volunteering themselves was to let teenagers and youths across the nation realise the effect of drugs addiction and abuse in their bodies’ circulatory system and to abstain completely.

He also stated that members of the association were ready to volunteer themselves for seminar outreach presentation on effect of drug addiction and abuse on body circulatory system among teenagers and youths in Nigeria.

He said that the association requested and sought the support of individuals, State and Federal Governments to accomplish the seminar presentation outreach.


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