Ogun : Bishop calls for cooperation among Nigerians


Rev. Babatunde Ogunbanwo, Bishop of Anglican Communion, Ijebu South West Diocese, Ogun, said Nigerians needed to collaborate to tackle the challenges facing the country.

Ogunbanwo, who spoke during a news conference on Thursday at the Odogbolu Local Government Area, criticised the call for secession by some agitators.

The conference was held to announce the commencement of the Diocese’s 2021 Synod with the theme: “The Kingdom of God.”

The bishop said that the agitation for secession was rather incendiary than problem-solving.

He said that instead of separation, the agitators should seek for justice, noting that this was the only solution to the country’s problems.

“What we need is justice not division. Division will not bring solution. What we need is synergy. Nigerians should be proud of being Nigerians.

“A situation where we say some people are being favoured above others is unwise.

“We should learn to live together. Nigeria is our country and we must do everything possible to make sure peace reigns,” he said.

Ogunbanwo called on Nigerians to shelve the idea that the Federal Government was favouring a tribe in the country above others.

According to him, such an idea can further cause dispute in the country.

He noted that all hands must be on deck to proffer lasting solutions to the current situation of the current.

Ogunbanwo said Nigerians should be solemn to complement the efforts of the government.

“Let’s pray for Nigeria. We must be solemn at this time. Let the agitation for separation stop and pray for our leaders. Nigeria needs prayers and everybody must follow God.

“The kingdom of God is of peace, righteousness, truth, justice, love, perfect security, freedom and liberty.

“We all need to embrace and enthrone the kingdom of God in our individual lives and in the life of our nation,’’ he advised.

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