Gov. Abiodun has been delivering unprecedented, beneficial performance to the people – IPAC


The saying that “slow and steady , wins the race ” is so much relevant and apt in reviewing the performance of His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun as the Governor of Ogun State .
 It is quite satisfying to note that to some of us who have at the onset reposed lots of confidence in His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun and his Government are here vindicated .
 However one tries to review the excellent performances of the current Ogun State Government , it comes up so credibly and praise Worthy . The series of very commendable and glorious projects and services among very many include the followings : (1) At least one health center completely renovated in each of the 20 Local Govt Areas of the State.Also included in the above is each of the health center has now been enabled to handle surgical operations .
(2) The complete renovation of at least one Primary school in each of the 20 Local Govt Areas. 
(3) Across the board promotions of the civil servants . 
(4) Employment of Ogun State indigenes
 (5)Improved positioning of the Management of the in the Secondary Schools for ease of Administration by the appointment of Principal General per each Senatorial Zone
 (6) Payment of the new salary structure to all grades of the Government workers.
(7) Every part of the State has been visited with various numbers of ROAD rehabilitation , expansion and rebuilding . Some of these include major roads like Ijebu to Epe , Sagamu to Ogijo to Ikorodu and lesser roads in Remo axis,Ota axis Ilaro axis and Ijebu axis.
(8) Ogun State Government and Access bank collaboration on CLOSA EMPOWERMENT initiatives to foster financial inclusion and entrepreneural opportunities for young people in Ogun State
(9) Approval to the Teaching Service Commission for the recruitment of 1665 teachers to boost manpower in the education sector
 For Ogun State , it has been a 20months of unprecedented performance and transformation as we have been building the future of Ogun State together.
 Many will recollect the 8 years mono – sector development policy of the immediate past Government . It was with roads and only roads that were either partially paid for or extensively left uncompleted.
We who are bent and determined to keep supporting this administration feel a lot of joy in witnessing the current real developments across all the sectors in Ogun State today.
 The immediate past Administration was so much carried away by its mere grandstanding to care for the desires and needs of the people , it is loads of GRATITUDE to the current Government for its focus and care with high grade attention paid to the needs of the people of Ogun State .
 Today , every and all citizens of Ogun are full of praises and of prayers to the people friendly Government led by Prince Dapo Abiodun.Lest I forgot , this one highly performing Government has done Ogun State a lot of good in the area of housing.
Hundreds of low and medium income houses are been built by the PDA Government in the State, unlike the past Governor , Senator Ibikunle Amosun who was assertive , distrustful and very dictatorial in his services to the State which informed the very anti – people policies of his administration whereas the current Governor and his Government has demonstrated that they are a listening Government .
 Among the ” na we dey there ” grandstanding that excludes people’s consultation of the Senator Ibikunle Amosun resulted in the award of a fraudulent, gargantuan corruption and a frivolous 10 lane road from Kuto to Sagamu interchange by him for a whooping sum of #74b out of which a criminal sum of #64b was claimed to have been spent on by Amosun while the work done on the road started at GTB to the House of Assembly complex junction . Now , dear readers , you will be shocked that the road has now just been done by PDA Government for only #6b and it is tarred from GTB through House of Assembly complex up to the Sagamu interchange .

Monies were paid for audio road – works compensation and the truly unintelligent and morally dead internet dogs and hyenas from the camp of the dull and naive political ATM machine stupidly invade the internet to defend the highly undefendable position and illogical narrative of Ibikunle Amosun’s abandoned projects in which monies were paid to unknown beneficiaries as the road stood uncompleted.
 It is quite a matter of serious pity if at the age of 58 , the very dull and morally deficient Guber hopefull could just be tracing his ancestral root to Odeda all the way from IPERU . It is clearly understood why his moronic , bought and caged Internet rats are running wild on the internet to defend and rationalise the ugly performance of the Ibikunle Government , it is all because arrangements have been concluded for Ibikunle Amosun to facilitate the accommodation for the naive Ladi Adebutu in a ward in Odeda from where he is trying to believe he can more safely launch his inordinate ambition for the Governorship seat in Ogun State come 2023 .
Of course , it is a pipe dream and he will soon be shown that Odeda Local Govt is not Odogbolu Local Govt.We are waiting to see how he intends to actualise this his desire anywhere in Odeda Local Govt.
Are we supposed to see this as a kind of an extraordinary  achievement never heard of before or a kind of pedestal to catapult him into the seat of Ogun State Governor in 2023 ?. The rough exposure of a rough individual will remain rough as long as he remains in the throes of the rough existence he has been used to all his life. Nothing will polish a pig to earn a cleanliness and neatness contest . A pig will remain a pig very dirty , rough and unkept.
Finally , the truth is that , there is no way the darkness can be made to appear to look strong enough to overpower the light. Another truth is that the monkey will for – ever remain the first concubine of the forest . When it is time to defaecate , the anus will willingly open.
 NAIVETY is not an asset in politics as IGNORANCE is not a defense in Law.It will be recollected that OGROMA was under the Government of OGD, directly in charge of public works and it performed so much and brilliantly to earn commendation from within and outside Nigeria.
This vibrant department under Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s Government was rendered redundant for obvious reasons for eight solid years.
Thanks to this new and current Government that has resuscitated this high grade and vibrant department. The unequalled OGROMA.
In conclusion , it is a great joy to be in my own way very loudly supportive of the sitting Government led by Prince Dapo Abiodun and it is with a very great confidence I hereat categorically and emphatically say that this Government will be the Government that future Government’s performance will be considered and rated along. Much more power to your elbow , our dear greatly performing Governor.
We congratulate you towards the cordial and peaceful co existing relationship between the workers and your administration
In Nigeria, we have a Weak truth, Strong lies and many Nigerians are spectators that are only interested in who wins 
They don’t mind if it is a lie that takes victory over the truth.They are just interested in who wins

Arabambi is the Chairman Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) Ogun State
6th March 2021

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