Organisation to stage face of Agric reality TV show


Kairos Events and Entertainment in collaboration with Obasanjo Farms Limited has said that everything has been put in place to stage the first ever Face of Agriculture Nigeria (FOAN) Agritainment reality TV show.

Mr Wealth Sunday told newsmen in Lagos on Tuesday that there was everything beautiful about contemporary entertainment in Nigeria.

“There is everything attractive about the magical art that is turning necks and winning hearts.

“Even the strongest of souls are becoming soften with the warmth of Nigeria’s
heralding entertaining spirits, and nothing at the moment is comparable to the
verve and effervescence of these pure bliss pumped into the global space.

“Nigeria is art, and the world knows that. Nigeria is Africa’s most potent voice, and
there’s no denying of that fact” he said.

Sunday said that through entertainment, the country was becoming
more vocal than ever before, and dictating social narratives in ways never
imagined before.

He said that it was already an accomplished fact that Nigerian music, films, and
comedies are a staple world over.

“And it is becoming increasingly clear that the
country’s new entertaining frontier is tilting towards the mould of reality TV
shows–an admirable social parameter that engages, informs and keep its yawning
viewers enthralled and glued to their television screens.

“While a few reality TV shows are beginning to create more social impressions in
society than expected, a new type in a gold dust form is about to make entry into
the public domain.

“It would be one that seeks to bring with it a whole lot of
pulsating new vibes, new trends, and new drives” he said.

Sunday said that FOAN TV reality show was
crafted for the future and distilled for social progress.

He said that FOAN
reality show was confident of hitting the ground running and reaching high grounds
when it’s set to make its maiden appearance.

“It seeks to take reality TV show to the
next level, and given its attractive premium offering, it stands a better chance of
achieving the feat.

“FOAN is keen on nailing its colours to the mast, and its
framework for youth empowerment through agricultural development in Nigeria is
an excellent stride in that regard” he said.

The project director said that Its blueprints rest on inspiring modern farming
practices in the country, fusing agricultural strides and entertainment, and
enlightening the country’s youth on the big picture of agricultural growth and its
economic dimension in the current globalized world.

He said that the reality TV show was for young people with brilliant minds and progressive vision
for the future and FOAN believes that Nigerian youths have so much to offer.

“FOAN understands that these youths need to be strategically placed to drive the needed
agricultural revolution in the country.

“It also believes that entertainment is
fundamental and is the best entry point to engage the youthful population as
nothing in the real sense seems better than a reality show of impeccable quality” he said.

Sunday said that the benefits for high-flying contestants in the reality show are
rewardingly innumerable as the first prize winner of the show would win a brand
new SUV TRUCK car worth 10million naira and the second prize winner would
go home with 8million naira and third prize winner 5million naira, agro-business
grant and leverage to learn skills from husbandry to poultry farming, Agribusiness,
and shall get opportunities in various agricultural schemes.

He said that the winners would become models and
the brand ambassador of FOAN including having the needed
recognition across the country.

He said that the good news was that registration for the reality show is on-going, and young
Nigerians between the ages of 18 to 32 are eligible to apply and slug it out at the
big stage.

He reiterated that intelligence and the vision for growth, including being
passionate about agriculture are essential yardstick to be a part of the show.

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