4,000 cases of divorce allegedly filed in 2 months?


by Rev. Ayo Ayodele

Heads up! Quite alarming, isn’t it? But what makes us think the narrative could be any different? The traditional attitude towards marriage has been drastically altered and no thanks to the upsurge in femalecentric  ideologies,  the influence of the social media and the heightened irresponsibility of many men.

The truth is that no man or woman can give what they don’t have. Many husbands and wives today did not have the opportunity of parental mentoring either because of absentee parents who were never available or a history of divorce or early death of their parents.  Incidentally,  many today are listening to wrong counsels, just as a few others live in a fool’s paradise claiming they don’t discuss their personal issues with anyone. 

Only the foolish think they know it all and therefore do not need any counsel. Such continue to live in error until things become irreconcilable. 

While nobody ever prays for a divorce, it is clear that it will continue to happen as long as young men and women are not properly prepared for marriage, hence they go into the relationship either in total ignorance or filled with a very wrong notion of what marriage is all about.

 And so long as couples cherish their intimacy with their virtual partners and friends more than with their spouses, the marriage institution will continue to experience turbulence.

 However, a return to God and room made for the Holy Spirit’s guidance will stem the negative drift of marriages into needless and avoidable divorce. 

Let us therefore ensure proper preparation for our boys and girls before they say “I do”.

Rev. (Dr) Ayodele is a pastor at Christ Chapel , Ojokoro Center

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