Democracy Day : FG should be matured in its reactions


By Abayomi Arabambi

Should we continue to mouth rights freedom as the Country sinks ?. No , not at all , but the Federal Government should also be seen to be matured in its reactions .

There is definitely a column of  Nigerians who are unintentionally but unknowingly allowing themselves in getting pushed into a determination to endanger the Nation.

There is no gain saying that any one who takes a loan from a bank to eat is planning on being in perpetual indebtedness, therefore the concept of borrowing to finance recurrent expenditures  should be removed from part of our national outlook as this has eroded all the gains save from the ban on importation of Rice and other locally produce goods. 

The Government must find a way  to make Nigeria more economic friendly to investors.

On the issues of Banditry, Killings and kidnappings, No one legal person should be so much arrogant enough to want to dictate policies to an elected Government of a Sovereign State with the Nigerian population and clout in the Committee of World Nations .

Which responsible Government will seat and fold its hands while some hard headed individuals with attitude continue to make the Country un – Governable ? . 

Does such Government with the afore stated experiences need Twitter’s nod to evolve a policy towards countering the unrest across the Nation ? . The answer is capital NO.

Finally for a true and workable nigerian to be seen in faith and mind of Nigerians , I here asked that the fulani herdsmen be proscribed as terrorists Organization , PMB must  ensure true  autonomy of the local government , Judiciary and State Houses of Assembly.

Abayomi Arabambi
Chairman Ipac SouthwestChairman Ipac Ogun StateChairman Labour Party Ogun State

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