Christmas : Everest Metal MD, preaches peace, urges Christians to celebrate more with less privileged


The managing director of the Everest Metal Nigeria Limited, Mr Vikas Das has enjoined Christians across the country to share their resources with the less privileged in their community during Christmas, as reaching out to the downtrodden is one the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Vikas, in his Christmas message, emphasized that showing love and care to one another as exemplified by Jesus Christ when he fed 5,000 people with two loaves of bread and seven fishes would fulfill the importance of the Christmas celebration.
While felicitating with the Christians, Mr Vikas also use the opportunity to thank all his factory workers, customers and people of the community where the factory is located for the unflinching support and love they have being imbibing over the years.
He said “As I always preach, let those who are rich give to the poor. That way, our society will be better and no one will have any regret of being in a less social class.
He added that “We need to show love and care to one another as practised by Jesus Christ. That is the essence of Christmas; giving to the poor.”
“But let me remind us all that, lack of unity among various ethnic groups in the country and self-centredness are the major ingredients that compromise peaceful co-existence and national development. Let us all live in accordance with the true reason and lessons of Christmas by seeing ourselves as brothers and sisters, working to achieve a common goal.
Mr Das maintained that “Irrespective of our faith, we must refrain from actions and utterances that divide us or tend to threaten our peaceful co-existence as a people and a nation.

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