Nigeria at 61 : Why FG, states have been so disappointing


By Abayomi Arabambi 

The Federal Government and the State Governments including the Local Governments in varying degrees have been very disappointing in spite of flashes of occasional good efforts at delivering good Governance.

 With the Federal Government , it is quite very easy and important to see the unusually very aggressive attempts at making highly commendable impact on the infrastructural development in the Country. 

The Federal Government has recorded quite an impressive and notable progress compared to the capacity of the past recent Federal Governments.

 But it is quite painful to conclude that all of these are effectively brought down very low on the scale and any measure by the frighteningly high level of insecurity , loss of jobs on a large scale across the Nation , the very rapid fall of the Naira against other currencies . Also the extremely unexplainable and reckless level of the debt portfolio of the Nation.

 Meanwhile , I am of the view that by and large, as a Nation , the level of patriotism depicted by citizens must be seen as immensely contributing to the seeming descent of the Nation into failure in the area of Governance.

All the talks about separation in the Country is not the direct fault of any of the Governments at any level , it is a sign of the very bad culture collectively deliberately grown by the Politicians who are unable to tolerate the demands of fine principles of democracy.

However , despite the efforts of the Federal  Government to give the Local government financial autonomy through direct allocation , thus freeing them to be free from the greed and illegal control of the State Governments  , it is sad to note that practically all the State Governments are not willing to let go of their control of the LG funds .

 With the express cooperation of the various LG Chairmen who were foisted on the people through some highly cooked electoral  processes . This is another very sad area that grow other dysfunctional tendencies in the Nation .

 In view of the above , it is a very difficult period for Nigerians.

Further more , in concluding this very brief opinion , it is  my considered opinion that the Federal Government has done quite well in terms of growing infrastructural status of the Nation , checking the level of corrupt practices and also giving the Nation a loud voice in the Committee of Nations.

Looking at where the Nation was coming from and where we are today on all fronts , the Federal Government under PMB has done far much better for the Country but , then , it is just not enough to disable the Boko Haram insurgence , an outright defeat is desirable . 

On the issue of the the debt profile , the FG should begin to take stock with a view to drastically reduce the burden of debt from what it is presently . Also  all the various cells that grow distortions in the economy should be strongly and firmly neutralised.

The State  governments should be guided and encouraged to improve on their current zero and embarrassingly very low weak performances.

 Nigeria should be more dynamic and aggressive in its attempt at quickly neutralising the activities of the unknown ” gun- men across the Nation. Meanwhile bandits appear to have been treated too softly , it is strongly advised that the Federal Government should in no time end their unending activities.

 As for those who are advocating for the break of the Country , it is quite obvious that their intentions are not pure and can only create unnecessary and available tensions all over the place . The Federal Government may keep talking to them in the language they will understand until it is agreed by their ill- informed supporters and their sponsors that the acceptable alternative is a strong one United Nation.

 Finally all  of the above if followed and done in good faith will guarantee a better , happier and more comfortable celebration at 62 next year .

Abayomi Arabambi 
The Chairman, Labour Party in Ogun 
The Chairman IPAC in South West 


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