Nigeria in a precarious situation due to bad leadership- CAN President


The National President,  Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Dr. Supo Ayokunle, has submitted that  the country found itself in a precarious  situation as a result of bad leadership, which could not  be put at the doorstep of any admistration.

Ayokunle stated this while speaking on the State of the Nation: The Position of the Church at the Holy Convocation 2021 of the Victory Life Bible Church (VLBC), Abeokuta, under the leadership of Apostle Lawrence Achudume.

The national president hinted that Nigeria needed a patriotic and selfless leaders that would do things aright with the fear of God and the interest of humanity.

He explained  that the numerous challenges confronting the country were not beyond redemption.

“He opined that it was important to upgrade or review the  1999 constitution as amended in order to accommodate the  home grown democracy, where everybody would  be giving  sense of responsibilities. 

“Our plurality should be taken care of. No zone should be slave to the other.

“Dual constitution must be dropped for one single constitution. The 1999 Constitution as amended is both secular and Sharia. It gives preference to one religion than the other.  The Constitution that will address the way of doing things.
“Immunity in our Constitution for political leaders be removed, so that they can be accountable to those who put them in position of authority,” said the CAN President.

Ayokunle identified corruption, banditry, insecurity, lopsided appointments, unemployment, poor infrastructure and bad economy, among others, as major issues that must be tackled headlong for peace and progress to reign.
He argued that the Buhari administration had not been doing enough in addressing these challenges.
On insecurity, Ayokunle blamed government for not deploying technology in fighting the problem,  saying no explanation is enough from the present government if they are not doing well.
He further said, “The issue of insecurity is threatening our existence. We have terrorists attacks everyday which has been with us since 2009. The government at that time was so weak and disillusioned that they failed to quell the activities of Boko Haram.

“Boko Haram is almost consuming our security forces now. Banditry is gradually spreading to all states in the South West. Those behind the act are Fulanis. This is not ethnic profiling. It is the obvious because we know those attacking us. They are at the fore front of attacking on the roads, in the farms and they are unable to put this under control because of ineffective leadership and inefficient security apparatus.

“If the government is doing right by apprehending the criminals, the country will be a better place for us all. The inability of those in power to mop up illegal weapons used by these bandits have been making the situation worse.

“Unfortunately, anyone that speaks truth to power are tagged “enemy of the state”. Let us not fear to speak up. Those administering this country are not more Nigerian than us. The Nigeria Immigration and Customs Service cannot absolve themselves because they are not doing enough in the area of mopping up illegal weapons and illegal aliens. If they are overwhelmed, let them speak up. We need to hold them responsible.

“The law enforcement agents are low in number compared to the population of the country. Each State governments should be allowed to establish its own security outfits.  The idea of State Police must be considered. The federal government have to much on it to attend to,” Ayokunle added.

He charged Christians in positions of authority to be “shining light”, urging them not to fear or be feeble when they foresee any danger.

“Christians must not keep quiet when we see dangers coming. The role of the Church is to shine as light in the darkness of this world. We need to do this aright. We must not cornered the commonwealth of this nation for any reason. The church is under persecution and it is only in righteousness that will can overcome. We need to travail.

“I believe with God on our side, Nigeria will be great again.  God will change the situation of Nigeria. God will send legions of Angels to fight our battles for us, ” he said further.

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