Ipokia Day 2021: Culture or Sheer Magic?


The 2021 edition of the annual Ipokia Day, fndly reffered to as Opo Day was celebrated with pomp and pageantry. Many who attended the festival will not forget the treat in a hurry.

As an ancient Yoruba community, the people of Ipokia places much premium on culture, including masquerade (Ggungun and Gelede)among others.

Part of the highlights of the 2021 festival was this egungun performance (in the video below), which has left many people wonder it was just culture at its best or sheer magic.

Watch and tell us what you think.

CULTURE: Ipokia Day 2021 (Opo Day)’s Masquerade’s magical display

Is this magic? What do you think about this masquerade from Ipokia that stands on a lone pole, unaided? Drop your thoughts below

Posted by OgunToday on Ọjọ́bọ, 11 Oṣù Èrèlé 2021

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