Ogun : ICT poly, Saapade trains staff on technological innovations


Members of staff of Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic, Saapade on Friday   undergone training on the usage and maintenance of basic laboratory equipment.

The training was organised to develop and expose TVET technologists/ academic and instructors to modern analytical instruments in chemical laboratories for internal and external quality control of laboratory equipment.

The training  was centered on the usage of Infrared Spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, Flame Absorption, Spectrophotometer, Bomb Calorimeter and Kjedhal Analysis.

Rector of the Polytechnic, Dr. Isaiah Oyeyinka , said the training was in-line with the regulations of the National Board of Technical Education, NBTE.

“Polytechnic education as laid by NBTE is solely on practical teaching and skill acquisition. 

“NBTE ensures proper acquirement of practical training by students of the Nigerian Polytechnics. 

“What will you have to offer to the students if you don’t have practical experiences? Gone are the days of theoretical education. Today, employers of labour expect graduates to have practical knowledge of their professions”.

Oyeyinka, represented by the Director, Academic planning Unit, Mr. Taiwo Oyeyinka expressed  optimism that training would enhance hands –on- experience on best global practices in science laboratory technology profession and technical skills given to diplomats in preparation to life endeavor.

The training had scientists in food technology, science laboratory technology and pharmaceutical technology from the School of Science and Technology as participants.

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