By Doyinsola Ogunbiyi

Ejoor…Who will not die ?  I’m not an admirer of Kashamu.In fact I swore to myself that if Kashamu became Governor of my State I will relocate for obvious reasons .My  bias was so strong by virtue of stories that surrounded him…and the quality of his personality and level of education.,All in totality his unattractive profile influenced my decision at the time  ….
But since his demise  I wondered  why  I began to see him  differently with my spiritual eyes..Irrespective of his criminal reputation or where and how he made his money ….He was impacting lives positively I got to know ..and God knew that too!…And God probably loved him for  that!… Because this is what God called man to do..”Fe enikeji re gegebi ara re”.. Ive been following comments of people generally since his death…I’m bound to believe he was a man with human heart,generous and kind to people in general and freely too….I heard lots of positive  testimonies of his unrepentant open handedness,and his passionate heart towards the needy…How he would unilaterally shoulder medical bills of strangers who were in critical health conditions but found it hard to pay….  Buruji would freely, without looking back carry the responsibility totally  till the end no matter the cost..All these testimonies could not be cooked up or stage managed in view of the fact that they came from diverse sources..So I tend to believe most of them…They made me refer to 2 similar  Biblical stories we read for our edification replicating Burujis public testimonies…. ..First was the story of kind Dorcas..who died while the multitude wept and wished she didn’t die,and for the sake of  her good deeds and the extent of impacts she made on their lives.she was brought back to  life..According to one of the Biblical charges to follower of Christ..We are called to ,,,”Excel in good works..And thus I want to believe so did Buruji in his lifetime… as testimonies abound….To me that was Godly! God further says.. “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers you have done unto Me”.. Again to me that is Godly Religion..not denominations or our believes. Similarly we saw the crowd at Kashamus  departure barring Covid 19.rule on social distancing .,.   
The second was the crucified Thief on the Right side of Jesus who made heaven at die minute by simple order of repentance and forgiveness. To me there is more to what that his video with Baba Ijebu Adebutu portrayed than show of conflict between two political elephants in which one was in denial as a victor..Whereas the one seeking forgiveness did so in magnanimity and is more honourable before God than the offended  who assume to be a hypocritical saint…I see these two Biblical characteristics in the man Buruji as being  Godly…Like the Thief on the Right side of Jesus … who sought forgiveness at the point of death..And like Dorcas his departure was witnessed by a throng of people …who likely benefited from him,  and who dearly wished he didn’t die..for their sakes..I see Buruji as a  better Christian, moreso at heart.! He was in tune with  Christian injunctions ..enough for him to gain heaven..I won’t be surprised to find him there..as filthy as he appeared to us on the outward… .Sebi, Olorun ko fe iku elese afi ti o ba ronu pa iwa da   ….Is it not also written that God  searches the heart of Man and He gives to everyone according to his deeds….  Who knows what God is looking out for towards his  judgement that may probably pass him to qualify for heaven … 
BUT …….” whoever believes he stands ..let him be careful lest he falls”… Buruji practically washed his garments before he died …He may or may not be counted for righteousness… ONLY GOD KNOWS….Let every man be silent for Everyman shall Die..One Day!.

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