FERMA boss task Nigerians to imbibe reading culture


Chairman of the board of Federal Roads Maintenance Agency and former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Tunde Lemo, is calling for an attitudinal change from Nigerians, especially young adults, towards imbibing a reading culture that will reposition them for greatness amidst the corona virus pandemic.

Lemo made this known in his keynote address delivered at a virtual book launch titled “Wealth Without Capital, Capital beyond Money: A sixth sense guide to creating wealth out of nothing, authored by Bright UK.

He said it was imperative for everyone to occupy their minds with the right set of books; noting that the books being launched by the author is a clear example of such books.

In his words, ”The world we live in is filled with surprises and uncertainties and only those who think outside the box will be tomorrow’s winners.

“The home of an average Afro-American in the United States will have latest equipment and expensive commodities but an average Jew simply has a very rich library in his home which has sponsored their level of dominance in the world despite their little population.

“Consistency is very important to effecting a change. The program has provided an opportunity to lead a complete change in mindset, the discussion is only just beginning today, we need to be part of that change so that we can improve the lucks of many. We need to help in pointing the attention of the younger people to a better reading culture”.

The book reviewer, Mr. Tunde Ojo, said the main thrust of the book was to expose readers to the consciousness that everyone needs some other forms of capital beyond money to make wealth.He noted that the book consists of 304 pages and is divided into 4 parts with18 chapters.

In his words, “Here is a book that opens up the story of Jacob from the scriptures in a very contemporary fashion and has brought up lessons on other forms of capital asides financial capital that we can use to build enduring wealth.”

On his part, the CEO FifthGear Plus Mr. Niyi Adesanya noted that building and maintaining powerful relationships is indispensable for creating wealth especially in a case where wealth is not inherited.

“What changes people’s lives is not what you’re taught but what you catch from conversations, relationships, observations amongst others. To build wealth, you have to build strong and powerful relationships.

You have to analyse the relationships in your life based on the stakeholder’s analysis. Two things distinguish a stakeholder: power and interest. The more stakeholders you have, the more the opportunities to become wealthy.”Speaking on what informed the book, the author Bright UK said his goal is to kindle the drive for economic emancipation of Africa and Africans.

“Whenever I mention wealth without capital and capital beyond money, the idea seems incredible to people. So, I have painstakingly documented my story as well as that of many other wave-making Africans who have made millions while resiliently and resourcefully building businesses with little or no financial capital. Dr Cosmas Maduka, Dr Victor Mbanisi, Frank Edwards, Sinach, Alibaba, Fela Durotoye, Oluyomi Ojo, Linda Ikeji, ‘AY,’ etc.

In this masterpiece, Africans will discover how to build and leverage different kinds of capital in different stages of their journey to wealth. Heritage, intellect, relationships and reputation are forms of capital that are superior to money. In fact, they can make money but money can hardly make them.”

The book launch was attended by notable personalities which include the former Vice-Chancellor of Redeemer’s University, Prof. Z Debo Adeyewa, the CEO of Avant-Garde Energy, Dele Adejugbe, the Chief Medical Officer of Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Dr Babatunde Jesusina and Dr Babatunde Soetan, a UK-based Family Doctor.

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