Court dissolves 3-year-old marriage over husband’s laziness


A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Tuesday dissolve a three-year-old union between a caterer and mother of one, Bukola Obadipe and her husband, Ayodeji over deception and laziness.

Bukola Obadipe had petitioned the Customary Court to dissolve her three year-old union to her husband over deception and laziness.

Bukola, who lived at Alakia-Airport area, testified before Chief Ademola Odunade, the court’s President and Alhaji Suleiman Apanpa and Alhaji Rafiu Raji, pointed out that her husband was not only deceitful, but also lazy and a drawback to her life.

She further contended that her spouse had no milk of human kindness in him because he often went out to eat outside without making provisions for her and their child.

“Ayodeji promised me heaven and earth before I eventually married him, but tortured me with starvation and irresponsibility.

“Then, I decided to work harder for our mutual upliftment and survival. However, I noticed that he kept undermining all my effort by just feeding fat on my little earnings and refusing to work.

“If I got him a job, Ayodeji would not work, but chose to play around, return home to eat and sleep.

“In fact, he never did anything when I became pregnant till when a surgery was performed on me during delivery.

“Ayodeji prefers to follow politicians around for crumbs and tell lies against me,” Bukola said.

The respondent consented to the suit, but could not deny most of the allegations leveled against him.

Instead, Ayodeji who resides at Oke-Itunun area, raised new issues as to why he wanted the court to dissolve the marriage.

“My lord, Bukola has completely ruined my life since I came across her.

“I was a famous Fashion Designer in Akure and tailoring was so profitable for me before Bukola brought bad luck to my business and life.

“I wooed her on facebook and the first time she visited me in Akure we had sexual intercourse together and that was the last straw that broke my camel’s back spiritually.

“Bukola hipnotised me into marrying her and I unconsciously followed her to Ibadan where I became jobless and started washing her wears for her.

“She made me abandon my tailoring profession and took me to a lonely place in Ibadan where she turned me to a peasant farmer.

“The only hope I have now is the only child we had together, her father himself described her as a devil incarnate,” Ayodeji explained.

The Court’s President pronounced the marriage dissolved in the interest of peaceful living.

He awarded custody of the only child in the marriage to the petitioner and directed the respondent to pay N4,000 as the child’s monthly feeding allowance in addition to paying her school fees and other welfare.

The court president advised young men and women to be mindful of where and how they come about their lovers.

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