“The people of Ijebu-North invited me to run for the post of the Chairman” -Allowed


In an interview session with members of the press, the incoming chairman of Ijebu-North Local Government of Ogun State, Prince Ademola Osofodunrin bares his mind about his ambition and the factors motivating him to run on the platform of the All Progressives Congress…

1. Why did you chose to engage in partisan politics?

God is the one directing our steps. I believe that the best way to effect lasting changes about the things that affect our nation is to take part in partisan politics. We cannot afford to stay neutral. We cannot afford to stay aloof as we cry for positive change in our society, we need to be involved. My passion to effect such positive changes in the nation is the primary reason I joined politics. I am burning with the desire to serve my people.

2. How long have you been nursing the idea of running for a political post?

The interest came during my final year in secondary school. I had the privilege to be one of the prefects then. I saw that as an office holder, I could influence decision and effect great changes. I started nursing the idea of being a politician then. When the opportunity later presented itself for me to get actively involved, I took advantage of it.

3. Some may nurse the believe that you’re young and you may not deliver. Do you think you have what it takes to be the chairman of a large LG like Ijebu North?

That is a very interesting question. The reality is that irrespective of age; experience and passion can drive effective delivery in governance. While I’m  or trying to blow my trumpet, I have managed multi million dollar worth of business successfully.  To God be the glory. I’d I could manage a business,I believe I can manage government at the grassroots level.

Secondly, Nigerians have recently clamoured for young people to take over the mantle of leadership of this country through the ”not too young to run” campaign.. Many Nigerians believe that a lot of positive changes and developments can be actualized when the younger generation take charge of governance in the country.

4. In what ways have you influenced the people of the LG before you displayed interest to be the chairman?

To God be the glory, for close to a decade, as an individual and a major part of Allowed Empowerment Foundation,  we have seen to it that the less privileged are catered for. God has used us to award scholarships to deserving members of our community. We have assisted the widows and the other needy around us. Individuals and groups can testify to how we have generously been of great assistance. All these empowerment have been on for years. Even before we declared the intention of being a part of a political party. God has been the source of the little we can do.  He is the one using us, he deserves all the glory.

5. Politicians are known for making empty promises, how do we know that you’re not going to be one of such?

Firstly you can verify that the claims made above arent false, the track record is there; the people are there to testify to our claims. They are the ones calling on us consistently to serve the constituency.

Secondly, I am a man of my words, like I said I am a God fearing man, I will not promise what I can’t do, Ecclesiastes 5 vs 5 says it’s better not to make a promise than to make a promise and not fulfill it. That has always been my watch-word, I am telling the good people of Ijebu North Local Government that the time of empty promises are over. By choosing me, It’s time to enjoy the dividends of democracy. Please check out our manifesto at allowed.com.ng

6. Covid 19 has been a global warfare, what plans are you putting in place to ensure that the people of the LG are not affected negatively?

The importance of education and information in sensitizing the people cannot be overemphasized. As a follow up to what the statement government has done, we have created the needed awareness to show the people how they can take preventive measures. We do not just inform, we distribute sanitisers, facemasks to the people.

To cushion the hunger effect that may result from not being able to do businesses due to the lockdown, we have distributed food items as pallatiaves to the weak, women and elderly.

7. Where do you get funding for all the things you’re doing?

God has been kind to us. We are only giving a part of what he has blessed us with. We have come across generous donors who believe in our course and that of the foundation. They have been most supportive. Sometimes you see people donating as little as few hundreds of naira. No amount is rejected, none is too small. Our website allowed.com.ng gives everyone the opportunity to donate.

…the time of empty promises are over. By choosing me, It’s time to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

8. Can you please shed a little light into your background?

I was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Osofodunrin in the year 1987, I attended Olabisi Onabanjo Nursery & Primary School  Ago Iwoye in the year 1991 and I obtained my Primary School Leaving in 1999, I proceeded with my studies to secondary school at Fowoseje Comprehensive High School Ago Iwoye where I obtained my Secondary School Certificate in 2005, Presently I am almost a graduate of National Open University at the department of Environment Management and Toxicology, I am happily Married to Mrs Taiwo Osofodunrin and we are blessed with fruit of the womb.

9. What is your advice to youths like you who are aspiring for one post or the other?

They need to be tenacious and consistent. They should never give up on their dreams. They should never stop working to actualise their goals despite the challenges that may come their way. Most importantly, they should never stop relying on God. Dreams come true.

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