Why Daniel, Amosun abandoned Ilisan – Ago Iwoye road


The people of Ilisan, Irolu, Ijebu-Ijesha , AKO and Ago Iwoye woke up one day to hear an interesting story / good news from OTUNBA Gbenga Daniel OGD the then Governor of Ogun State, that Ilisan to Ago Iwoye road would be dualized. 

What a clear mission and good intention from OGD who is from Sagamu, Ogun East Senatorial district. Sooner than later the road project commenced as the contractor was mobilized and moved to the site. The clearing was done up to Ago Iwoye, bridges were constructed at necessary places along the road, lying of asphalt began from The LABO Junction along Sagamu – Ijebu Ode Expressway and was stopped at a point after Ilisan roundabout. The people along that axis,were rejoicing and hopeful of a timely completion of the project.

Then the politics of the second term of OGD began, to go or not to go ??  Chief Dr. Senaror Jubril Matins Kuye JMK the then Hon Minister of Finance ( State) an indigene of Ago Iwoye was the Leading Leader of PDP in Ogun State and the political godfather to OGD. There was a political disagreement between the Governor and his godfather that almost blocked the chances of the second term of OGD but the crisis was later managed but not totally resolved but JMK eventually cleared OGD for the second term.

Soon after OGD was swore in for his second term, then OGD started  politics of pay back time to JMK. The dualization of Ilisan – Ago Iwoye road was abandoned since JMK and his people would benefit from it. The then Ogun State University (OSU)now OOU which then resided solely in Ago Iwoye was broken into pieces to become multi campus system , this action collapsed the economy of Ago Iwoye. JMK and his people must be punished. Infrastructural development of Ago Iwoye was relegated to the background if not for the then Hon Commissioner for Works Prince Segun Adekoya ATTACKER who is a proud indigene of Ago Iwoye, through him some Ago Iwoye township roads were touched. 

After OGD regime, then come Senator Ibikunle Amosun from Abeokuta Ogun Cental took over as the Governor of Ogun State with a promise to complete the dualization of Ilisan to Ago Iwoye road. Everyone believed him even with the fact that his Deputy Governor Prince Segun Adesegun hails from Ago Iwoye. SIA mobilized the contractor who later returned to the site and constructed new bridges while condemning those done by OGD. As if that road was jinxed, another political differences began between Governor Amosun and his Deputy which lasted through out their four years in office. Once again, the road project was abandoned as result of the political differences. Through out the 8 years of SIA nothing happened on the road to punished his Deputy and his people. Too bad.

Presently the road is in a terrible position to the extent that no sensible car owner will dare ply the road from Ilisan to Ago Iwoye.A journey of about just fifteen minutes can take an hour or more. Many lives of the students / Staff  of the Olabisi Onabanjo University have been lost on this road.

The Ago Iwoye farm settlement created by Chief Obafemi Awolowo under the regime of Chief Bisi Onabanjo is also affected as farm products can’t easily be transported from the farm settlement to the other part of the State. The farmers and the settlers along this road are suffering and lamenting on daily basis as most of their customers who used to come from Lagos to buy farm products have abandoned them due to the bad road.

The OOU community will benefit greatly if the road is completed has many of their staff / students can leave in Sagamu, Ikene, Iperu, Odogbolu and work in OOU Ago Iwoye because it will take them just 20 minutes drive to get to OOU from their homes.The economy of the people of Ilisan, Iperu, Irolu , Ijebu Ilesha , Ago Iwoye will improve greatly if this road is completed.Another good chance is here and the good news is that Ogun East has produced another serving Governor in the person of His Excellency Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun MFR who hails from Iperu Remo and coincidentally the former Deputy Governor to SIA, Prince Segun Adesegun who is from Ago Iwoye was the Director General of Prince Dapo Abiodun Governorship Campaign in 2019.  The big question now is that will Governor Dapo Abiodun complete this road ?

Will Governor Dapo Abiodun will be willing to compensate his DG Campaign – Prince Segun Adesegun with the completion of this road ?
Will Governor Dapo Abiodun consider the Students an Staff of OOU and complete this road ?

Will Governor Dapo Abiodun make a great history by completing this road ?

Prince Taiwo Nodiru writes from Ibipe, Ago Iwoye Ogun State.

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