Niyi Osoba and His Illogicalities


Faced with other pressing official assignments and tasks yesterday the 16th of May, 2020 , I could not adequately address some of the jejune, outlandish and puerile thoughts espoused by the reactionary element who calls himself a comrade (more of a “come raid”) and a so-called doctorate degree holder from God-knows-where.

Niyi Osoba took up the garb of a philosopher king, advising his benefactor and former employer, Senator Buruji Kashamu, to yield grounds or space to his younger brother, Honourable Ladi Adebutu and appreciate the fact that political party membership is akin to a marriage in which no court can force an unwilling partner on another.

Like I told his attack dog, Lukman Ejalonibu (a.k.a Ejalon) on one of the WhatsApp platforms, the reasonings put up by Osoba in his piece are illogical and belie his newly acquired academic qualification that he seeks to flaunt at every opportunity as if that was the reason for its acquisition and not the show or impartation of knowledge.

They say Ph.D is the end of knowledge. Unfortunately, the arguments canvassed by this “come raid” Ph.D holder shows that he has come to the end of himself and the law of diminishing returns seems to have to set in for him.

Otherwise, as a psychologist or whatever he professes, he should have heard of the concept of social control. No institution or body exists as an island on its own. There are always instruments of social control put in place by the government to maintain social order and regulate the actions and inactions of individuals and institutions/organisation within a society.

Marriage, as one of the instruments of social control, falls under the private arranging technique.
Yet, the law while permitting the individual to make private arrangements to serve his interest provides rules that determine the validity or otherwise of such private arrangements. Once the rules are violated the government or the law will take its course.

Yes, entering into marriage is an issue of freewill. However, anyone that chooses to get married must act in accordance with the stipulated rules guiding marriage. Once a party in the marriage is convinced that his or her rights under the Marriage Act have been violated, he can approach a court for the enforcement of his rights to life and personal liberty and the like. The court will not say because it is a private arrangement, it cannot dabble into it. This is one of the reasons it is said that there are no absolute rights but qualified rights.

As it is with political parties, the private arranging technique of social control while permitting the individual to make private arrangements to serve his interest provides rules determining the validity of such private arrangements and transactions. Once the rules are violated as it was with the purported expulsion of Senator Buruji Kashamu, he is at liberty to approach the court for the interpretation of the rules guiding the private arrangement vis-a-vis the party’s Constitution. And once the court has looked at the issues and invalidated/nullified the expulsion, it can no longer be revived unless the Court’s decision is upturned on appeal. Of course, this is no longer possible since the order was handed down since October 2018. To do otherwise, no matter how powerful anyone thinks he is, will be contemptuous of the court and antithetical to civility and decency. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons it is said that education without character is valueless because education is expected to modify one’s reasonings and thought process beyond the pedestrian.

By the way, have Osoba and others baying for the blood of Senator Kashamu over nothing but their personal interests averted their mind to the fact that the so-called expulsion that they now want to tenaciously hold on to also affected their newly found brides – Engr. Adebayo Dayo and Alhaji Semiu Sodipo? Do they know the implications of their arguments at all?

Assuming without conceding that Senator Kashamu is no longer a member of the PDP because he was allegedly expelled before the 2019 general election, do they know that the implication is that Engr. Dayo and Alhaji Sodipo are also no longer members of the Party since they were among the four persons allegedly expelled by the Party in 2018? So, on which authority or pedestal is the Adebutu camp doing all that they claim to be doing with them?

Besides, Osoba and others like him who are pontificating on party membership and supremacy have had course to dump the PDP and defect to other parties whenever their interests were threatened. For instance, Osoba left the Lado group for the Labour Party when the group did not consider him good enough for its House of Representatives ticket for Ijebu Central Federal Constituency. That was before the Ladi Adebutu group eventually signed a three-year agreement with the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) in Ogun State – some 48 hours to the Governorship and House of Assembly elections. Yet, it is these elements that seek to educate Senator Kashamu about party membership and supremacy. This is a man who has remained in the PDP and continued to finance it since he joined partisan politics. What an irony!

On the issue of yielding grounds to Honourable Ladi Adebutu because others allegedly did it in past, I expected Osoba to know that political power is not served a la carte. It is either earned or fought for.

Although Senator Kashamu and other stakeholders have extended a hand of fellowship to Honourable Adebutu and his people, if they decide to spurn it and chose to want to continue the fight for the control of the party structure that they started since 2016 – shortly after the same structure gave him (Honourable Adebutu) the ticket for the House of Representatives in 2015, let it be known that Senator Kashamu and other stakeholders on his side are not battle-weary. Their extension of the proverbial olive branch is not an act of cowardice but a strategic move to show all and sundry that they have no ulterior motives. The attitude of those on the other side has now exposed the belligerent in the needless crisis that has bedevilled the Ogun State PDP. And if reason does not prevail and in good time, history will definitely repeat itself!

Austin Oniyokor is the Media Adviser to Senator Buruji Kashamu

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