Ogun lawmaker appeals to FG to expand Asero / Obantoko road 

Mr Oludaisi Elemide , the lawmaker representing Odeda at the Ogun House of Assembly, has appealed to the Federal Government to expand the busy Asero – Obantoko road in Odeda Local Government Area of the state, to boost business activities in the area.
Elemide  made the appeal during an interview with OgunToday in Abeokuta on Wednesday .
The lawmaker explained that the road, which was constructed in the early 1970s, remain the main road that connects Ogun to Oyo State from Abeokuta , saying that the road required expansion to ease the heavy traffic encountered on it daily.
He stated  that economic activities were being affected and time were being wasted on the road by motorists and traders, due to the daily traffic gridlock .
He pleaded with the Federal government and the National Assembly, through the relevant standing committee, to look into the urgent expansion of the road.
The lawmaker noted that expanding the road would not cost the government much,  adding that there were set back on both sides which would not require much demolitions before the expansion of the road.
“There are no motorable feeder road on that line , assuming we have feeder roads ,the traffic load on the road would be reduced but in situation we are now,  we need urgent attention on the road.
“There is traffic from morning till night what people don’t realise is that we burn more fuel , precious time are being wasted.
“From Moore junction to Asero and to Obantoko, the set back is there , so government don’t need too many buildings to be demolished and the cost of construction will be very low,” he said
He stressed that the expansion would boost economic activities in the axis plus causing the cost and prices of property in the area to appreciate.
“If  the road is done it will boost economic activities and in the area of properties, there will be appreciation in cost of properties.
“Socially,  health wise , educationally, we need this road to be expanded in this local government.” he said.

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