WAJOREA gives palliatives, free healthcare to over 560 Atan Ota residents


A Non-Governmental Organization, Walk the Talk Joy in Authentic Worship and Realize Your Potential (WAJOREA) Global Outreach has distributed food items and clothing as a palliative measure to cushion the effects of the growing hardship created by naira and fuel crises in Ogun state.

At least 560 people benefited from the outreach held in Alapoti community, in Atan Ota Area of Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The outreach featured distribution of food items and clothes to the vulnerable, free health care, eye tests and free reading glasses to the needy in the community.

The NGO members led by the President, Mrs Ifeyinwa Koleade explained that the measure was geared towards assisting the needy in the society.

Koleade who said “giving is an act of God and whoever gives will not lack,” adding that the gesture would ease the pressure on the beneficiaries.

“Doing this is just like giving the people the basic needs which include food and shelter. Some people cannot afford to get this on their own, but this is an avenue to bring back joy to the needy and put a smile on their faces,” she said.

The Global Coordinator of the WAJOREA global outreach, Olayinka Koleade, said the program was organized “to fulfil the mandate of God” in assisting the needy most especially the rural dwellers.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Taiwo Serah benefited from the free health care services alongside her father, commended WAJOREA Global Outreach for “solving a long time of health challenges within the family.”

An optometrist, Dr Idialu Nosa, who attended to some of the beneficiaries, said “What we did here basically is general eye assessment, and as far as this concern for those that need eye glasses we gave it to them…

“And for those who need surgery or further assistance in second review we refer them to the neighbouring health institution, like General hospitals, health centers”.

“So far I have seen patients with cataracts and we have done a necessary referral, we have given out as much as enough glasses already, we know their challenges and they have access to healthcare, the little we can do we have done, the program still continues. We hope that many would still benefit from it.”


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