The mornings after: Post-election muses


By Emmanuel Òsídèkó

By February 26, 27, 28… Latest 30, we will know the next president of Nigeria. We will know the difference between false prophets and real ones. Twitter will be agog with protests, hailers, and wailers. People will cry foul and rigging. While some jubilate and celebrate, others will head for the tribunal.

Depending on the winner, emancipation people will renew their fight and struggle. They will accuse the ruling party of nepotism and bigotry. No appointment will satisfy or pacify them.

Cross-carpeting will commence with immediate effect. There will be post-election pledges of loyalty, just so some can avoid the wrath of EFCC.

The winning party will renew their internal crisis regarding who is most appropriate for which ministry and agency.

They will call fellow party members betrayers even more than they do presently. They will recount the investments made during electioneering.

Back to Twitter, the mockery that will take place here will be unrivaled: jeering and mockery at its peak. The world will see if the structure is truly needed to win a general election. If a Nollywood actor is capable of winning a presidential election or if more is required.

Some predictions cannot be made. Will subsidy be truly removed, will the cabal be dismantled, and will another set of people take over to continue to run the affairs of the country behind the scenes?

Much is dependent on who emerges, and on who people vote in. The clock is ticking. The vote of February 25 will determine the outcome of post-election activities.


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