Synod: Methodist Church urges members to partner in rebuilding nation


The Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Lagos Central, has urged its members to be active agents of positive change, both within the church and in the wider Nigerian society.

The Bishop of Lagos Central, Rt. Rev. Samuel Nortey, gave the advice at the 15th Diocesan Annual Synod, at Williams Memorial Methodist Cathedral, Ago-Ijaye Circuit, Ebute-Metta (West) on Friday in Lagos.

The theme, “Arise and Build’’, implies taking action and creating something new or better.

Quoting the Biblical book of Nehemiah, Nortey encouraged members to rebuild the church and the nation just the way Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem.

He emphasised the need for members to come together, re-evaluate, re-strategise and implement recommended solutions for challenges faced by the church.

The bishop, who noted that Nigeria needed help due to the challenges currently facing the nation, advised members to participate in rebuilding efforts that the President Bola Tinubu’s government had initiated.

He acknowledged Tinubu’s efforts in rebuilding the economy, security and having a stable naira, saying however, that the impact of his good policies were not felt by the common man.

He suggested two reasons why there might be a disconnect: external factors hindering the policies’ success and timeframe for impact.

The bishop therefore advocated effective policy implementation and clear communication to bridge the gap between policy and public perception”
Nortey said.

The government needs to be proactive because what the people care about are basic needs; they prioritise having food, transportation, medical care, and electricity. These are essential for everyday life.

“So people need to experience positive changes, this only can bring the good policies to relevance and also grant the government excellent evaluation.’’


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