Segun Sowunmi congratulates Osun Governor-Elect, Adeleke


Osun Le Tente! Adeleke wins.

Congratulations to the governor-elect Ademola Adeleke, The Adeleke Family ably led by the scion Sir Deji Adeleke supported massively by Davido the youthful pride of the pack!

Congratulations to the PDP family.
Congratulations to the great and historical people of Osun, indeed Osun Le Tente meaning Osun is above the fray.

Great lessons must be learnt appropriately capture by scripture of the books both the Quoran and The Bible wherein it is written that power belongs to God the absolute sovereign!

Now that the verdict is in and the wish of the people has prevailed we can safely say that this is the beginning of greater things to come. When democracy is allowed to prevail, everyone is the winner.

It is also appropriate to commiserate with the family of Hon Jide Jooba, our compatriot who lost his life during the Osun election, may his soul rest in peace. It will serve us all well if the law enforcement agencies can unravel the circumstances and person involved in this ugly incident, to serve as a deterrent in the future.

Surely the PDP family is happy about this outcome and we say a big thank you to all the people of Osun State.
Osun Le Tente. Ipinle Omoluabi.


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