Salute To A Super Cop Committed To Making Ijebuland Crime-Free


By Oluseun Joshua

The Nigeria Police is winning more wars on kidnappers in the state, most especially with the assumption of office of the new Commissioner of Police (CP) Ogun State, Abiodun Alamutu.

Assuredly, CP Alumutu is trying his very best in putting the kidnappers at bay, since he is very familiar and conversant with the terrain; especially the ijebu axis of the state.

With the crop of Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) we are having in Ijebuland presently, and that of the indefatigable Area Commander of Ijebu-Ode, ACP Edward Adeniyi Omosanyin, who always stands to every situation whenever the need arises, the good times are definitely here.

The CP and his team’s super security operational platforms of community policing is another wining strategy as far as criminality/kidnappers malaise in Ijebu axis is concerned, apparently because of the strong synergies established among all the security forces in Ijebuland, comprising of the Police, the Military, the NSCDC, VGN, So-Safe, local hunters and vigilantes and every other security stakeholders in Ijebuland, have immensely contributed to the spate at which the crime battles are won in Ijebuland.

This is more so especially with the assumption of duty in Ijebu-Ode Obalende Police Divisional headquarters, Obalende Ijebu Ode of SP Murphy Salami as the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Obalende Ijebu-Ode, a very diligent and super cop at that, moving at a speed of light with conquest of audacity. His courage is ever evolving, his integrity can not be compromised, his intelligence can not be trampled upon nor taken for granted neither can his diligence to service be sneered at.

SP Salami remains one in a million. To many in Ijebu-Ode, Ijebuland as a whole and by extension Ogun State, Lagos and the entire Southwest Nigeria, he is a hero to be watched within Nigeria Police Force.

For a man who has zero tolerance for crime, who can not even afford to perceive the smell of the ugly social ills nor close his eyes to the filthiness of any criminal behaviour, combating them frontaly, sometimes at his own risk, he remains a paragon of dutiful officer. He is undoubtedly a model of a very diligent officer par excellence.

Be it cultism, kidnapping, armed robbery, public disturbance, to mention but few, SP Murphy Salami is always working round the clock to ensure the security of life and properties are given ultimate and deserved attention.

In Ijebuland today, the name “SP Salami Murphy” has become a threat to those who disturb the peace of the land and for some of them who are wise, they have either relocated or repented from their evil ways while the fools among them have either been crushed lawfully or licking their wounds.

I am a living witness to the selflessness and excellent service of this proactive officer when rescued me from the terrible hands of some dare devil kidnappers not too long ago. He and his officers rose up to the occasion gallantly giving the criminals a bloodied nose. It was such an award winning operation for this highly gifted and brilliant cop when I was rescued from the kidnappers den unhurt and honestly no dime was paid as ransome but they paid dearly.

SP Murphy with his boys pursued the kidnappers to their den in Idimu Lagos and ensured my safe return and that of my car. My being alive today is surely by the grace of God and the Ogun State Police.

Now, let us also look at another scenario which happened just of recent; on the 13th of July 2023 around 10pm, kidnappers struck again in Ijebu-Ode after a very long recess due to the diligent patrol and monitoring by the buoyant police and other security network.

Information has it that a kidnapping syndicate got hold of one Mrs Efunbote, popularly known as Iya Kunle around Ibadan Garage roundabout, Ijebu-Ode, and took her to Oke Ako area along the same Lagos-Epe road.

This woman was rescued alive without any ransome paid as efforts and synergies put up by all the security apparatus and forces paid off.

But since then, residents of Ijebu-Ode have been nursing fear to walk in the evening talkless of moving in the night as kidnapping resurfaces again but not until this UNAPOLOGETIC CRIME BURSTING BASE – Obalende Police Ijebu-Ode, ably led by fearless SP SALAMI MURPHY and his no-nonsense officers popularly called ‘Murphy Boys’ swung into action to get to the root of this dastardly act and nip it in bud before it becomes another festering sore.

The efforts of this goal-getting crime-busting officer and his team paid off when these criminal elements were apprehended while the car of their victim was also recovered where a total of about eight strong members of various syndicates were arrested at various locations across Ijebu-Ode and from Ibadan with one of them confessing to be devilish herbalist popularlycalled ‘Ifa’.

Residents of Ijebu claim that they can now sleep with their two eyes closed just as the complicated issues of cultism is gradually becoming a thing of the past in Ijebu-Ode, courtesy of these gallant officers’ various interventions and engagements, including community policing, among others.

The people now believe in police responsiveness and capacity to protect them while giving the undesirable elements among them a good chase for their evil acts.

Another feat of SP Murphy was the arrest of Ifasoji Ayangbesan, a ritualist early this year. Ifasoji reportedly dangled N1million bribe before this officer thinking that he was one of those who have sold their souls to the devil and would definitely jumped at the tempting offer but the devilish herbalist was put to shame because SP Murphy won’t be part of those painting the force black.

The suspect, 35-year-old Ifasoji Ayangbesan who was even still begging to add more millions to bribe his ways out but the officer with seasoned integrity rejected the monies and did the needful. The suspect whose other members of his gang had earlier been arrested, was apprehended on April 28 following a painstaking intelligence-based investigation embarked upon by detectives from Obalende Divisional Police headquarters, which led them to his hideout at Ijade Iloti area of Ijebu Ode.

The members of the killer ritualist squad earlier arrested had let the cat out saying that it was Ifasoji who bought the two legs of the victim they had butchered.

It was Jay Fortenbery M.J.A, Head of Police in Edenton, North Carolina in his article “Improving Motivation and Productivity of Police Officers” that wrote:
“One of the most commonly cited theories of motivation is that of Abraham Maslow.

According to Maslow, people are motivated based on a hierarchy of needs. At the bottom of this list are basic physiological essentials, such as food, water, and shelter. After obtaining these necessities, people look for safety, security, and a sense of belonging. Individuals then seek out praise and recognition for a job well-done that is related to a quest for improved self-esteem. This is followed by a desire for self-actualization or the potential to grow professionally”

Fortenbery submitted that a prominent feature of this theory is the need for praise and recognition under the self-esteem model. When properly used by management, praise can be an effective motivator of police personnel. Mark Twain once commented that he could live for two months on a compliment alone. Managers who strive to inspire personnel can adopt this adage and use it as an example of motivational philosophy.

It is against this background that having observed SP Murphy Salami for some time during when this journalist also benefited from his deep sense of diligence and topnotch professionalism, it wouldn’t be out of place to laud the modest achievements of this highly dedicated officer.

He is one officer who stands shoulder high above every other and his sense of serving humanity should be commended by all.

Before now Ijebu’s personalities have been very cautious of coming home for leisure, vacation, weekends and even establish business due to threat of insecurity. But with the relentless effort of SP Murphy Salami and his team and other police posts across Ijebu land, most especially the Igbeba Police command, they are easing the insecurity tension and making Ijebuland safe. Residents are gradually enjoying the peaceful serenity and all the good things Ijebu can offer. Thanks to SP Murphy Salami and his team and other Ijebu police posts, you are all appreciated.

I can’t end this piece without considering the efforts of the state command, the office of the Anti-Kidnapping in particular, led by Sp. Taiwo Opadiran, Mr. Dele Shittu among other combatant officers in the office, I appeal to the state government to encourage this team more with necessary policing equipment such as patrol vehicles, communications gadgets, bullet proofs, sound welfare packages among others.

Though, the government of Prince Dapo Abiodun’s led administration is on top of security of life and properties of Ogun residents, the collective efforts of all in giving further support to the police will surely encourage them to do so much more.

  • Oluseun Joshua, a once kidnapped victim and journalist writes from Ogun State.


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