Olakunle Oluomo at 60 : Celebrating a legacy of service and public commitment


By: Adedigba David

In the fabric of Ogun State’s political tale, a figure of enigmatic wisdom and steadfast dedication emerges, shaping the course of democracy with a quiet yet resolute demeanor. Today, within the Hallowed walls of the Ogun State House of Assembly, a milestone is marked, one that echoes not only the passage of time but the profound impact of leadership. As the clock ticks towards the six remarkable decades, we stand on the precipice of a celebration, poised to honor a legacy that has sculpted our state’s destiny.

In the vibrant narrative of Ogun State’s political landscape, there emerges a figure of unparalleled dedication and foresight, guiding the course of democracy with a steady hand and a compassionate heart. Today, as Rt. Hon. (Prince) Olakunle Oluomo, the esteemed Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, celebrates his 60th birthday, we gather not just to mark the passage of time but to honor the profound legacy of leadership he has woven into the fabric of our State.

Oluomo- the prime man’s journey, spanning over twelve years of consistent dedication to that very important arm of government- the legislature. His doggedness resonates as a testament to unwavering commitment and exceptional statesmanship. His role as the captain of the State House of Assembly exemplifies the essence of democracy, where principles of equality, justice, and inclusivity find their true meaning.

Under his dynamic stewardship, the legislative domain has flourished, becoming a cornerstone upon which the dreams and aspirations of our State are based.

The significance of the Legislature in any democracy cannot be underestimated. In Ogun State- within its Chambers, the destiny of the Gateway State is meticulously shaped, through refined policies, and the echoes of the people’s voices find resonance. Rt. Hon. (Prince) Olakunle Oluomo’s role in this process has been nothing short of transformative. His ability to foster an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation has not only promoted political stability but has also bolstered the image of the State, inviting sustainable local and foreign investments and fostering economic growth.

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Oluomo’s contributions to his constituents extend far beyond the legislative arena. His initiatives, such as pioneering free school bus projects and empowering market women with trading equipment, stand as beacons of progress. His dedication to inclusivity, manifested through regular dialogues with constituents, have united the diverse threads of Ifo’s populace into a harmonious tapestry.

In the grand fabric of our state’s journey, Oluomo stands as a beacon of hope and progress. His leadership, akin to a lighthouse, guides not only the Legislature but the entire State toward a future where progress knows no bounds. As he embarks on this new chapter, the anticipation that surrounds him resonates like a symphony, each note carrying the collective hope for the continuation of the institution’s collaborative efforts with other arms of government for sustained progress.

In the face of challenges, he has exemplified the grace of a Prince, steering the Legislative Chambers with an unwavering commitment to the pace of progressiveness and a peaceful atmosphere of people-oriented policies. His actions and decisions echo the sentiment, “What do you expect of a Prince in a Parliament,” if not the rhythm of progressiveness, the melody of unity, and the harmony of prosperity? In the echoes of his legacy as the legislative numero uno, Ogun State finds its anthem, a melody of hope, progress, and a future brimming with possibilities!

As the older the wine, the sweeter it becomes, Rt. Hon. (Prince) Olakunle Oluomo’s over twelve years of consistent experience in the legislative business is now needed more than ever. Joining the league of elder statesmen, this deserved celebration marks, not just the passage of time but the maturation of wisdom, the refinement of leadership, and the strengthening of resolve. No doubt, his worthwhile time spent in service to the State has transformed challenges into opportunities, reminding us that with age comes a depth of experience that enriches our collective journey.

Happy 60th Birthday, Rt. Hon. (Prince) Olakunle Oluomo. May this milestone be a celebration of the remarkable journey you have undertaken and a prelude to the even more extraordinary accomplishments that lie ahead. Your legacy is not just a testament to the present but a promise for a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow for the people of Ogun State. It equally embodies the enduring strength and brilliance akin to the precious diamond jubilee.

Adedigba David, a Research Officer, writes via adedigbadavid2@gmail.com


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