Ogun: Orile Ilawo Oba-Elect , MacGregor reconciles warring factions, warns against violence in the community


The Oba-Elect of Orile Ilawo, Professor Alexander Olusegun MacGregor has reconciled the warring factions within the community with a warning not to tolerate breakdown of law and order within the community.
At the peace meeting convened by Professor MacGregor, the rival groups agreed to work together in peace on the platform of the same Community Development Association for prosperity of Ilawo communities.
It will be recalled that two rival groups engaged themselves, last week, in a bloody clash which left no fewer than four persons injured.
During the peace meeting, the two factions revealed that the clash was as a result of a long-standing rivalries between a recognized Community Development Association, CDA under the aegis of ‘Omo Ilu’ and another breakaway faction which dated back to 2012.
Both groups, while recalling what led to the rivalry during the meeting which was also witnessed by Chiefs of Orile Ilawo and other community leaders, revealed that the crisis was fueled by inappropriate sharing of a N50, 000 given to the CDA.
The communique signed at the end of the peace meeting reads in part, “The reconciliation meeting discovered that the crisis was as result of a long standing rivalries between the well recognised CDA at Ilawo and another faction that broke away from the CDA with accusations that the duly recognised CDA has been side-lining members from their zone/faction in matters of sharing benefits that come to the CDA.
“The crisis was further fueled by a purported inappropriate sharing of one 50, 000 naira giving to the CDAs.
“Both parties accused each other of betrayals and selfishness on individual basis in the conduct and management of the CDA affairs.
“The above mentioned issues degenerated to the point that members of both groups started engaging each other in negative names calling which resulted in physical confrontations that left one member of the recognised CDA with deep cut on his hand and while members of the recognised CDA on hearing this, mobilised to confront the other zone/faction which resulted in a free for all fight between both groups.
“Injuries were sustained by three members from the faction and one member from the recognised CDA.”
At the end of the meeting, the community leaders were made to apologise to each other with a promise never to engage in further violence within and outside the community.
The breakaway faction was also implored to rejoin the mainstream CDS with a resolution to be fair and equitable in sharing benefits to the community.
“Parties at the reconciliation meeting convened by Prof. Olusegun MacGregor agreed to work together in peace on the platform of the same CDA for peace, prosperity and progress of Ilawo.
“To be fair and equitable in sharing whatever benefits comes to the community.
“To never engage in violence within and outside the community regardless whatever the provocation might be.
“The break-away faction will rejoin the recognised CDA and re-engage in democratic dialogues addressing community issues,” the communique further reads.
Both groups were led to the meeting by one Alhaji Takiu Shoaga on one side, and one Saubana Balogun, on the other side.


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