Ogun NNPP governorship candidate salutes Nigerians on Democracy Day celebration


The governorship candidate of New Nigeria People’s Party in Ogun state, Hon Olujobi Ezekiel Fayoyin has congratulated the people of the state and Nigerians at large on this year celebration of Democracy Day.

Hon Fayoyin ,a democrat and grassroots politician said the celebration should be seen as a call to strengthen democracy and good governance as the general election is fast approaching.

He said this year democracy day should be seen as the last of the painful and corruption laden of the ruling party,All Progressive Congress (APC)as NNPP will bring comfort to the people.

Hon Fayoyin emphasized that ,”By this time next year we shall be congratulating ourselves in Ogun State regarding Victory of Democracy as i know I’m emerging the next governor come 2023. And by June 12th of 2023, we shall be singing a new song and the atmosphere shall be changed and great things shall happen once again in State. “

He added that,”A youth governorship candidate shall emerge and it shall break the jinx of embargo of youth attaining political position that we have been limited to. Ogun State shall be the epitome of point of recovery of our people in Nigeria and I will make everything possible for the youth to be in governance and also remain in government. “

The NNPP candidate called on the good people of Nigeria to support his party to bring about the desired change that we want for the nation.


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