Ogun Governor’s Wife Underscores Human Angle Reportage By Journalists


The Wife of the Ogun State Governor, Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun has visited a young girl of 24, Bilikis Salami whose story was published by Punch Newspapers on Saturday, January 20 2024.

Balikis’s arm has been amputated due to sickle cell anemia and this reported development caught the attention of Mrs. Abiodun who quickly swung into action and located the family house of Balikis in Irolu town, Ikenne local government area of Ogun State.

Mrs. Abiodun donated food and other items to Balikis and her family pledging to give the needed support in rehabilitating and integrating her into the society.

Mrs. Abiodun promised to also support her clothing business by giving her cash grant while offering to train and educate her on her chosen trade.

The wife of the Governor said she was so touched by the story that she had to head to Irolu to see Ms. Salami at the earliest opportunity.

“Immediately I read Balikis’ story in the Punch Newspapers, I was deeply moved by her plight, because not only has she had to deal with the sickle cell disease, she now has to face the social stigma from society because the amputation of her arm.” She stated.

She added that she wasted no time in getting her aides to locate Balikis as soon as possible noting that they were able to within a few hours.

“I was both happy and relieved that we will be able to intervene in her situation and work with her to turn her life around for good.” She added.

Mrs. Abiodun thanked Punch Newspapers and the writer of the story, Victoria Edeme for highlighting her story, despite the many competing priorities in the news.

“I am happy that journalists continue to shine light on issues that people are facing, so that those who are able to intervene, can get a chance too. I encourage others to do the same.” She advised.

Balikis and her family welcomed Mrs. Abiodun’s support, appreciating the direct and practical approach to addressing their needs.


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