NURTW: Union members beg Sanwo-Olu to wade into crisis, warn against interference


Some leaders and members of all branches of the Nigeria Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Lagos State have called on the state governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu to forestall a repeat of violence crisis .

The group consisting of concerned drivers union stormed the Lagos House, Marina, on Tuesday to protest the alleged interference by external forces.

In a letter submitted to the Governor by a team led by the Union’s State Treasurer, Alhajl Mustapha Adekunle also known as Sego urged the governor to do everything with his power to avert the crisis.

The union in the letter argued that the power to manage, create and recreate branches rest within the power of the state council of the union and not the national body.

It also stated that drivers in Lagos NURTW does not want what they described as  ‘”meddlesomeness”.

The union members alleged that the ongoing interference of the union’s National body in the Lagos NURTW’s affairs could trigger violence as witnessed recently in the state.

The unionists  said the leadership of Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya also known as MC Oluomo doesn’t need external factor to avert mayhem.

The union members, who were received by the Governor, also called on the governor to discourage interference in the  union’s matter, saying management of the state tricycle operations is not within the powers of the national body of the union.

They insisted that the power to control operation of the tricycle is strictly within the internal competence of the State Executive Council.

“The power to create, recreate, cancel, merge branches, units, zones is exclusively granted under Article 17[2] iv to the State Executive Council of each state and Lagos State is not an exception.

“The current zonal arrangement of the tricycle and motorcycle operations of the union which has assured peace is indeed commendable and should not be jettisoned.

The group also accused TOOAN Zone C Chairman, Alhaji Azeez Abiola of trying to be the NURTW State chairman without going through election.

“The only known method of removing an elected State Executive member is by impeachment.

“We, therefore, frown at the query issued to our Chairman (Akinsanya) in the performance of his duties by the National President, Alhaji Baruwa, who did not appoint him.

“As an elected Chairman, the tenure of Akinsanya for four years in the first instance is sacrosanct.

“We, hereby, pass a vote of confidence in Akinsanya and seriously warn that this state shall not allow anyone for political considerations to tamper with its peace as is presently the situation in midst of the NURTW State Councils in Southwest,” the document said.

Responding, the governor commended the union members for not taking laws into their hands while assuring that the state would continue to do everything to ensure peaceful co-existence of residents and ensure the safety of lives and property in the state.

“I have received all your messages and it will be given due consideration.

“As you come here peaceful, I urged you to go back to your various destinations peacefully. It is paramount as government to address to the issues with urgency they deserve,” he said.


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