No power can shake or dismember Nigeria’s nationhood – Maharaj Ji


The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, said on Tuesday that no power could shake or dismember Nigeria’s nationhood as it gradually evolved as “creation’s stronghold and creator’s laboratory for the crystallisation of a new world order”.

Maharaj Ji disclosed this in Lagos at a news conference to commemorate his epoch declaration 29 years ago.

He said that celebrating the declaration 29 years after, was worthwhile “because despite the subterranean maneuvers by the forces of darkness to cause war and destabilise Nigeria, it keeps forging ahead as a united and indivisible nation”.

Ji, also known as the Perfect Living Master and World Teacher, said that the celebration equally served as a quit notice to the minor organisers still fomenting trouble here and there, because divine koboko (Cane) was dangling over their heads if they refused to give peace a chance.

“Hosting the great light for a greater part of her national sovereignty, is an epoch and the crowning glory as the only nation to beat in contemporary league of nations.

“Notwithstanding, how daunting the challenges before her may seem to be, because with the light, Nigeria of today is the Creator’s project.”

He said Nigeria would surely navigate the way through tempestuous water to self-anchor the ” Noah’s boat of our time, now on sail”.

He therefore called on Nigerians to patiently eschew their differences and refrain from acts that would exacerbate acrimonious tendencies among the various constituents.

He said Nigeria’s divisive fault lines should serve as a galvanising watershed in the resolute drive to build a strong, virile, egalitarian role-model nation.

“On the part of the leaders across the social-political, economic, cultural and religious divide, it is ample time for them to shake off all forms of parochial proclivities.

He called on the nation’s leaders to be focused, to move the nation forward and make an imprint on the sands of time.

On the country’s socio-economic and political development, he said those aspiring to become leaders in the new world order, needed to come for his divine knowledge.

He said this would be possible if they were desirous to make history where those before them failed


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