NFVCB calls for accurate data to boost film, TV Industry


Dr Shaibu Husseini, Executive Director/CEO of the National Films and Videos Censors Board (NFVCB), has emphasised the need for a regulatory body to have access to accurate data to propel the film and TV industry to enviable heights.

He spoke at a stakeholders meeting held at the NFVCB Lagos Zonal office in Ikoyi, Lagos, on Friday,

Husseini stressed the need for precise data in relation to classification and censorship of films and content produced by skit makers and producers.

The meeting brought together key stakeholders in the Nigerian film industry, to discuss ways to enhance the sector’s growth and development.

The executive director noted that it was also important in the classification and censorship of films and content produced by skit makers and producers.

He said: “We should no longer be doing analogue at a time when we should be talking about digital, and we have agreed to digitalise the process.

“I found out that one of the reasons people are bypassing the board and releasing films without classification is because of the tedious process of getting your films on DVD.

“It is time consuming and the process is cumbersome.

“Therefore, we are committed to providing a service that will be convenient for the filmmakers.

“They can stay in the comfort of their homes wherever they are, upload their films, pay online, see how the film is being processed, and then print their certificates online,” he said.

Husseini also spoke about plans to ensure that the motion picture sector in Nigeria was smoke free.

He told practitioners and stakeholders to ensure minimal use of tobacco, to mark the World Tobacco Free Day in Nigeria.

The established film critic and member of several film award boards, stressed the need for filmmakers to show responsibility in carrying out their duties.

He noted that if filmmakers were responsible enough to avoid contravening the laws, the NFVCB had no reason to enforce any law, because dragging a stakeholder to court would not aid the outlined objectives of the agency.

He cautioned on contents that glamourise crime, ritual killings, or things that gave the country bad names internationally.

“There will be enforcement on such, because we frown at these things.”

The NFVCB boss also announced plans to embark on a nationwide media literacy, to ensure youths are enlightened about contents not to watch.

He also said the objective was to also engage women, and mostly mothers, on how to monitor what their children watched.

“We will ensure that we carry out media literacy, to educate young minds being corrupted daily about the things that they can view or avoid on social media.

“It is also to educate our parents and teachers on what they can do to protect the average child.

“What they watch and see register in their minds, and as a parent, you have a responsibility.

On his appointment as the sixth executive director of the board, Shaibu noted that his passion for film and
the industry might be responsible for his appointment.

He pledged to leave the board better than he met.

According to Shaibu, he wishes to further empower and put to good use the 465 staff of the NFVCB, six zonal offices, and 26 state centres during his tenure.

The NFVCB’s new boss also announced plans for the 30th anniversary of the creation of the board.

According to him, the board will be 30 years in June and there are plans to present three different publications detailing three different decades of the progress made by the board.

Husseini also said the three publications would contain all the necessary details of films that had been classified and censored by the board since it was created.

Husseini, before his appointment, was a member of the National Dance Troupe.


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