My People Need Modern Hospitals, Other Amenities – Bello, Ogun Reps Aspirant


Sure-footed, Kehinde Ayodeji Bello has thrown his hat into the ring to contest as lawmaker representing Ijebu East, Ijebu North and Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, come 2023.

In this interview, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain unfolds his agenda of socio-economic transformation through adequate and responsive representation, if voted in. Excerpts:

  • Kindly offer us your background information

I am Kehinde Ayodeji Bello, I am from Itamarun, Ijebu Imusin in Ijebu East LG Area of Ogun State. I attended Moslem Primary School, Ijebu Imusin. I later proceeded to St Anthony’s Grammar, Esure, Ijebu Imusin and thereafter gained admission to study Mass Communication at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. I had my Masters Degree in a university in California and I am currently at the tail end of my Doctorate degree in the same university in California, United States of America (USA). I have many businesses in Nigeria like I have in USA and other countries. I am the CEO of Bellverno Autos Incorporation Nigeria and California, USA, Bellz Hotel, Bar and Club in Lagos, Bell Globa Nigeria Ltd etc. I am a very blunt person, I don’t deceive people. Those who are very close to me can testify to this act. I listen to advice when the case arises and I don’t have the “Mr-know-all” attitude.

  • Why did you resolve to go into politics?

I have been a politician for a long time. I love politics, and I have been in politics before leaving Nigeria for America. Because I see the situation of things in Nigeria and we need to make our country Nigeria great. That is the reason why I venture into politics. I remain an eagle that sees the distance from afar, I have discovered myself and the purpose for living is to assist mankind. The question we should be asking now is the will for politics as it concerns the governance and leadership of the people in my federal constituency, namely Ijebu East, North and Ogun Waterside and the nation at large. It is the way towards positioning governance and leadership, managing the strategies in essence, and the opportunity that politics gives. It’s however good to note that there is a will and there is a way, the past and present experiences are always for me to see that things are not going on well in my federal constituency which prompted my interest to recontest in the coming 2023 elections.

  • What is your political philosophy?

My political philosophy is to see that equal rights are given to citizens and no one should be discriminated against, irrespective of gender, age, religion or tribe.

  • Obviously, 2023 general elections is around the corner; what is your mission to your federal constituency if given the opportunity to serve?

I am contesting for the 2023 House of Representatives election, and I am going to emerge as the PDP candidate and subsequently win in the general election by the special grace of God Almighty. We shall campaign vigorously and win the general elections. If everybody is running away from the contest, I don’t think it is a good idea. I believe we have to prove ourselves that we are ready to contest and win the election to represent the good people of Ijebu East, North and Ogun Waterside federal constituency. When I get elected, I will give my constituents the quality representation needed at the green chamber of the National Assembly come 2023.

Additionally, I will also make sure that I develop Ijebu North/Ijebu East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency with federal amenities; though I have not been opportune to actively serve, but I have been supporting by my good people who are my real followers; driven by the desire of trusting and supporting a candidate to win an election but disappointed by the fact that when they eventually get to power, they go there to do their wish, rather than the wishes of the people in the society, I Kehinde Ayodeji Bello am telling the whole world today that mine shall be different in styles, I am a man of every soul. I know where the shoe pitches within my three local government areas of the state. I believe I possess the sufficient moral capacity to contest for a political post and win and thereafter, give the people who I govern a credible and worthy representation which they can be proud of any time, any day. I want to actively balance the system in my federal constituency and put things right.

  • Before you joined active politics, you must have done some crucial things to your people. Can you let us know your contributions to your Federal Constituency?

As an individual, I have done a lot of things to touch the lives of my people in Ijebu North, Ijebu East and Ogun Waterside local government areas respectively. These are the local government areas that make up the federal constituency in which I am going to represent at Abuja. I founded KAB Foundation (a non-governmental organisation) almost a decade ago, which is also the platform I am using to reach out to my people at the grassroots, to touch their lives positively. The foundation every year offers scholarship to brilliant but indigent students of the federal constituency in the university and other tertiary institutions. Annual free GCE/JAMB-UTME forms for prospective candidates, youth empowerment/capacity building, care for the aged and widows, cash assistance to market women and petty traders, sinking of boreholes and renovation of dilapidated ones etc are part of our programmes. All these are what I have been doing with my personal money to touch lives, and if I eventually get to office as a member of House of Representatives (MHR), I will do more of these with public funds. I will also prove myself to be a good representative and worthy ambassador of my federal constituency as well. When I get into office as House of Representatives member, it is my plan to facilitate modern hospitals with state of art equipment like those ones in America, to Ijebu East LG and others. I am really promising my people that if they vote for me and I eventually win the House of Representatives’ seat, I will do more.

  • APC is a ruling party in Ogun State and Nigeria by extension; are you not scared of the APC using the advantage of the incumbent over you?

I don’t think that one can happen in Nigeria again under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari. He is a good leader that will like to leave good legacy behind after his right years’ tenure of office. Free and fair general elections will be conducted as done in the last gubernatorial election in Edo State in which Gov Obaseki of PDP defeated APC in a free and fair election conducted by the electoral umpire, INEC. PDP will win massively in the 2023 general elections and APC will also find it difficult to rig and influence the election results. In politics, it is a general belief that you can only rig elections where you are popular. APC is not popular again in most states in the country.

  • Your advice to your people in Ijebu East, North and Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency?

I want them to see me as their messiah; the current legislator has done his best. I must commend him for what what he has done tremendously and I am assuring my people that this time, necessary things need to be added. It’s my goodwill to the my people of in Ijebu East, North and Ogun Waterside, which I vividly direct, that it is time they come resolute and take the bull by the horn. They should not just be on the social media or sit by the roadside arguing. They should put their action into practice to elect me as their next House of Representatives member.

  • Oluseun ODUNEYE, Abeokuta


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