Maharaj JI @ 75: Nigeria needs president who can fulfill promises


The Living Perfect master and world teacher, SatGuru Maharaj JI has said that Nigeria needs a president who can fulfill promises in the 2023 election.

Maharaj JI disclosed this in Lagos in a press briefing while commemorating his 75th physical birthday anniversary.

The world teacher said that the issues to be looked into and solved are ASUU strike, toll gate, doctors leaving Nigeria for Europe, NITEL, airports and airways, PENCOM, sex workers among others.

“Since health is wealth, there is urgent need for the government to recognize the Agbo Market which takes care of about 85% of the population of the people by building structures for the practitioners to display their wares in a neat and healthy environment.

“It gradually will help to reduce cost of health care drastically as well as deaths which create lots of hardships for families who go traditional way when the die is cast, give the people the option to choose where to go.

“Mothers should not wear trousers and expose the sensitive parts of their bodies which are the root causes of disasters, giving birth to polio children” he said.

The world teacher said that gay or homosexual life should be condemned because to most of us, it creates bad spirits, witches, emere, etc., and it is the foundation for disasters, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, due to taboos for mis-directing the pure energy within man.

He said that abortion should be prevented and if at all, should be done on the advice of the traditionalists who will divine to know the spirits of the child or at best consult an Ashram Premie.

He said that all African countries should try Africanocracy whereby priorities would be given to Housing, Trado Medical Research, Tradition and Cultural Revival which would lead to basic control of the hormone system towards healthy growth.


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