LSPC honors best officers of the month, celebrates July birthday celebrants


As Lagos State Printing Corporation (LSPC) strives to promote a culture of excellence and professionalism, it has on Monday honors best officers of the month and celebrated July birthday celebrants.

This was disclosed in a statement signed Dr Adeola Ekine, Head, Public Affairs Unit, LSPC.

Ekine said that LSPC remained committed to nurturing talent and celebrating achievements of outstanding officers who have consistently gone above and beyond in their respective roles in ensuring the smooth functioning and success of the Corporation.

She said while LSPC remained steadfast in carrying out its main objective, the Corporation also recognizes hard work by rewarding its members of staff who has in no small measure exhibited exceptional dedication to work.

“To this end, Mr. Raymond Alabi of production department, Mr. Afeez Lukman of maintenance department and Mrs. Latifat Salau of Account Department are outstanding as recipients for the award in the month of July, 2023.

“These officers have consistently proved their mettle in their respective roles, ensuring the smooth operations and success of the Corporation, their remarkable achievements have set a standard of excellence for all employees at LSPC, motivating staff to strive for greatness.

“Furthermore, as part of effort to fostering positive and productive work environment, the Corporation celebrated the birthday of esteemed employees born in the month of July.

“The monthly birthday seminar is a cherished tradition that brings employees from various departments together.

“This has brought an extra dose of joy and camaraderie to the workplace” she said.

Ekine said that commemorating the birthdays of team members has further stimulated a sense of community and appreciation among members of staff, these celebrations has made members of staffs feel valued and strengthen the bond between colleagues, creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere within the organization.

The General Manager, LSPC, Hon. Kolawole Peregrino in his remark said “Lagos State Printing Corporation is a pioneering institution in the printing industry.

“We are striving for excellence in delivering high-quality printing services to various government agencies and private entities, we have a dedicated team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

“We will continue to play a vital role in supporting communication and administrative functions for numerous organizations in the State” he said.

Peregrino said that it was worthy to note that under the leadership of the General Manager, LSPC, the Corporation has witnessed remarkable improvements which have had significant impact on the work culture and team morale.

He said he has initiated programs that has recognized hard work and dedication of employees.

Ekine noted in attendance was the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Information and Strategy, Mr. Olumide Shogunle and the former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Whenu.


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