Leaked Audio Not From Me; Abiodun Remains My Leader


The Chairman of Abeokuta-South Local Government, Omolaja Majekodunmi, has finally addressed the controversial leaked audio attributed to him, vehemently denying his involvement and affirming his unwavering loyalty to Governor Dapo Abiodun.

Majekodunmi, self-identifying as a devoted follower in the ranks of Governor Abiodun, has come forward to clarify the authenticity of the audio recording, which purportedly captured his voice. He revealed that he had been pressured by friends from both within Nigeria and abroad to speak out regarding this audio, which had caused a stir.

Previously, PLATFORM TIMES had exclusively published a report featuring a 2-minute and 48-second audio clip expressing frustration and pledging allegiance to the ousted chairman of Ijebu East, Wale Adedayo. Although the voice remained unidentified, some individuals had alleged that it belonged to Chairman Majekodunmi.

PLATFORM TIMES took the initiative to engage Chairman Majekodunmi in an effort to obtain his perspective on this contentious audio.

In response to the developments, Majekodunmi dismissed the audio recording, admitting that he had been aware of its existence but had chosen to disregard it until he was persistently questioned by friends and associates worldwide regarding his stance on its contents.

Furthermore, Majekodunmi confidently challenged anyone claiming the voice in the audio to be his to come forth and confront him, asserting that the voice did not belong to him and that it was not Omolaja Ayodele Majekodunmi speaking in that voice message.

When asked about his initial reaction upon hearing the voice note, Majekodunmi expressed his dismay, emphasizing that he could not fathom being accused of speaking against his principal, Governor Dapo Abiodun, whom he deeply respects and emulates in his attire and conduct as one of his loyal foot soldiers among the chairpersons in Ogun State.

Regarding allegations of misappropriation of local government funds, Majekodunmi clarified that the federal government releases funds to local governments, which are then allocated at monthly meetings known as JACK meetings. He stated that the Governor had never personally discussed the utilization of local government funds with him and emphasized that he had successfully completed several projects, including the renovation of the chairman’s office, the construction of 35 toilet units at the local government secretariat, and a borehole at Kuto market, all without relying solely on the state government for financial support.

In conclusion, while Majekodunmi faulted the audio’s content, he particularly highlighted an error that exposed the speaker as an imposter: the mention of eight wards in Abeokuta South local government, whereas there are actually 15 wards. Majekodunmi, drawing upon his experience as a former councillor, unequivocally asserted the accurate number of wards, firmly discrediting the audio’s authenticity.

He stated, “I cannot, in any context, claim that Abeokuta South has eight wards, for what purpose? That would imply ignorance of my duties. In Abeokuta South local government, we indeed have 15 wards.

He said, “It is not my voice, and when I saw it online yesterday, I just ignored it. But when my friend from outside called me and asked, ‘Is it your voice?’ I told them it is not my voice, and I was surprised.

“I know that we are in the world of technology where anything can happen, and anybody can manipulate anybody’s voice. The voice is not mine; it is not Omolaja Ayodele Majekodunmi speaking in that voice message.”

Reflecting on how he felt upon encountering the voice note, Majekodunmi stated, “I felt bad because I can’t just imagine people telling me that I was the one speaking in that voice message against my principal, my Governor. He cannot be happy with me if he hears that because he is my man, he is my person.

“Let me tell you for real, for the past six months, if you see me outside, I dress like Prince Dapo Abiodun, and I am one of his foot soldiers among the chairpersons in Ogun State. I am not okay about this voice message that’s going around.”

Majekodunmi further explained, “We attend the meetings, and there’s something we call first-line charges: how to pay teachers’ salaries, Local Government staff’s salaries, pension, and so on, out of the money they release for us for projects in the local governments.

“I just celebrated my two years in office just last month. During that time, I commissioned ten solid projects, including the renovation of the chairman’s office, 35 toilet units in the local government secretariat, a borehole at Kuto market, and other substantial projects. Without the support of the state government, I could not have achieved this. My IGR in the local government cannot achieve it.

“It’s painful; they are trying to implicate me. I don’t know who is behind it; I don’t know who is doing it. But as far as I’m concerned, I am loyal to the Governor of Ogun State, my principal, my mentor, Prince Adedapo Oluwaseun Abiodun CON.”

He continued, saying, “I listened to that voice message very attentively, and I am convinced that by saying there are eight wards in Abeokuta South local government, I was a councillor 26 years ago in Abeokuta South local government, and I certainly know the total number of wards we have in Abeokuta South local government.

“Before I contested as chairman, isn’t it possible for someone who wants to contest for the position of chairman not to know the history of this local government? What are you going to do there?

“So, by saying that we have eight wards in Abeokuta South local government, it’s wrong. We have 15 wards in Abeokuta South local government, and if they were to wake me up from my sleep, I would confidently tell them that we have 15 wards.

“So, I cannot say anywhere that Abeokuta South has eight wards; for what? That means I don’t know what I’m doing, and in Abeokuta South local government, we have 15 wards.”


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