HRM Heritage Mediators resolves boundary disputes between Makun-Omi and Etijere Communities


The age-long boundary issues between the neighbouring communities of Makun-Omi town in Ogun Waterside Local Government Area of Ogun State and Atijere town in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State had been finally put to rest following the intervention of HRM Heritage Conflict Resolution Committee. 

The reconciliation parties had in attendance HRM Heritage Forum Team led by HRM Alaiyeluwa Oba Dr. Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja Jp,fmbe.Hons. the Aladeshonyin and Paramount ruler of Odo-Noforija Kingdom, also President General HRM Heritage Forum and  former Secretary Lagos State Council of Obas and Chiefs, member Lagos State Justice of peace.

Also in attendance, HRM Oba Amb. Adesina Kazeem Salami, the Osobia of Makun-Omi Kingdom, Asiwaju Otunba Tayo Ajayi, Osobia-In-Council, Makun-Omi Elders and Otunba Gbenga Onayiga from Makun omi while  Atijere Community Team consisted of HRM Oba Dr. Samuel Olumide Adeoye, Edema and the Molokun of Atijere Kingdom, Molokun-In-Council, Mrs Arigbede Sanni, Mr Sanni Sikiru, Mr Sanni Jimoh, Mr Olusola Jinadu. 

Other members in attendance were:Mrs Oluwakemi Akodu, Chief

Samuel Bode Messgan, Chief Yunisa Salami Alli, Chief Beniah Fadaini, Most Rev Apostle Messiah Olusegun Ayejuni.

Leading the delegation of the Mediators Council of HRM Heritage Forum Team was HRM Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja, the Aladeshonyin Odo-Noforija Kingdom of  Epe Division Lagos State and President General HRM Heritage Forum, in company of  HRM Oba Amb. Abiodun Akanni Martins, the Olu-Paata Abiodun Kingdom and President Integrity Obas Forum of Yoruba Land, HRM Oba Bola Raimi, the Alarige- Ibiade Kingdom, HRM Oba Nelson Obayomi the Olowu-Ikosi Land, Lagos State, HRM Oba Abdul Wasiu Ademola Sobowale the Odolowu Aiyepe-Ijebu Ogun State and Otunba Rufai Adeleke, co-founder HRM Heritage Forum.

Appealing to the communities involved in the crisis, HRM Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja stated that peace could only be achieved through mutual understanding as it is a cornerstone for attaining a sustainable, vibrant and fulfilling  existence  both at personal and community levels.

Mrs. Rachel Aridegbe, giving insight to the history gathered from an elder whose paternity and maternity existed from both communities stated that indigenes from the two towns used to co-exist peacefully with one another before hostility and violence ensued many decades ago which led to loss of lives and properties, this had taken place for long before government could intervene to end the murderous and dastardly action of the two conflicting towns due to boundary rivalry.

However, at the end of the peace meeting, a communique was drafted with the underlisted resolutions: 

  1. In the spirit of love and mutual understanding, a boundary between both towns was re-established and jointly agreed upon.
  2. The meeting was held  purposely to settle the age- long boundry conflict between the two communities which was amicably and harmoniously resolved.
  3. Both parties agreed to continue to live together in peace as brothers and sisters.
  4. The two parties agreed to continue to enjoy whatever facilities availability for common benefits without hindrance which include trade, commerce and other opportunities.

In his final address, HRM Oba Dr. Amb. Kazeem Adesina Salami of Makun-Omi said it would be on record that both HRM Oba Dr. Samuel Olumide Adeoye of Atijere Kingdom and himself ensured that peace continue to reign between the two communities.

One of the mediators, HRM Oba Amb. Abiodun Akanni Martins the Olu-Paata and the President Integrity Obas Forum of Yoruba Land appealed to elders of both communities to ensure a better cordial relationship among their indigenes home and abroad for an everlasting peace.

Otunba Gbenga Onayiga who is also a high chief in Makun-Omi and major stakeholder expressed great joy for the outcome of the peaceful settlement after a long tolerance for one another.

Otunba Adeleke Rufai, a co-founder of HRM Heritage Forum who is also from Waterside LG and a major facilitator of the peace accord was very grateful to both communities for accepting each other and the roles of the mediators.

HRM Oba Bola Raimi, the Alarige-Ibiade Kingdom from Waterside LG was very enthusiastic that both monarchs accepted all peaceful appeal from the mediators.

The event which was brought to a peaceful end with prayers by both parties was led by HRM Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja, the Aladeshonyin of Odo-Noforija Kingdom Epe Division Lagos State.

In conclusion, the meeting was able to settle the misunderstanding between the two communities,  it was agreed by both monarchs of the two communities to await government decisions as  stipulated by the guidelines of State’s boundary  matters by National Boundary Commission as at when due. While the feedback on the resolution would be communicated to other stake holders of both communities through their monarchs.

This tranquility resolution which occurred between Makun-Omi and Atijere is one of the many success stories recorded by HRM Heritage Forum . 


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