Fostering Empowerment: Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye’s Annual Youth ICT Camp


Tayo Mabeweje
Ijebu-East LGA.

In the heart of Ijebu-Itele, a profound tradition is unfolding, one that transcends politics and encapsulates the spirit of empowerment. Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye, a dynamic leader who has worn numerous hats – from the former Chairman of Ijebu East local government to the vibrant Ogun State Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress – stands as the driving force behind a commendable initiative, empowering the youth through skill acquisition.

Year after year, the Oladunjoye Resource Centre Summer ICT Camp radiates as a beacon of opportunity for young minds aged 10 to 20. Guided by visionary insight and a comrade’s heart, Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye recognized the imperative to equip the next generation with digital skills that transcend boundaries. His dedication to education and community development has found its expression in this annual camp, gathering 30 enthusiastic students for an immersive three-week ICT training, generously offered free of charge.

The impact of this initiative is beyond measure. With each passing year, these young participants not only acquire technical skills but also nurture bonds of camaraderie and dreams of achievement. As the Ijebu-Itele sun sets over the horizon, it casts a glow upon the path that Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye has paved for these youths, directing them towards a future radiant with possibilities.

We celebrate an exemplary leader, a paragon of dedication and foresight. As we honour the empowerment brought about by the Oladunjoye Resource Centre Summer ICT Camp, let us also inspire other political figures to follow suit. Let the example of Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye ignite a movement, reminding leaders of the power they wield to shape their communities’ destinies through impactful initiatives.


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