Egba Agenda 2027: Egba Has Competent Hands to Lead the State Into Economic Prosperity


As the race for Ogun 2027 elections thickens, a group known as Youth Involvement in Good Governance (YIGGOM) has said that the Egba division of the state cannot be bankrupt of intelligent, capable and dexterous personality to govern the state.
The group made this statement at a meeting held on Saturday in the capital city of Ogun state.

Before now there are news flying around that the Egbas are already warming up for the 2027 gubernatorial election although some are saying that Egba should allow the Yewa division of the state to have a taste of governorship as no one from that zone has been given an opportunity to lead the state.The main candidate showing up from Yewa is Senator Solomon Adeola also known as Yayi as there is no sign that Gboyega Isiaka popularly known as GNI is ready to recontest again.

Information gathered revealed that the former ambassador to United Kingdom H.E Sharafa Tunji Ishola is also eyeing the position as a result of Shefiu Alao’s comment during the welcome party held to honour Sarafa for his excellent service in the United Kingdom.

Among other Egba Sons showing serious interest in the seat is Hon Bukola Olopade who was the Commissioner of youth and sport during Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s Tenure.He is actually not hiding his intention unlike others that cannot be suspected to be interested.

There are other Egba born individuals who are of the strong will that Egba’s tenure is always full of monumental developments referring to huge road construction by Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s led administration.

The President of the group, Olayiwola Ahmed has said that Ogun state needs a technocrat to help provide economic roadmap to consolidate the development from the present and past administration in the state.

The group said that the state is blessed with the likes of Chief Fola Adeola who recently turned 70 and may not be interested on Account of his age having shown interest when he was younger. others are of the view that anyone less than 60 years old will be ideal in 2027 and a technocrats like Dr. Gbenga Adeoye with an enticing profiles came to mind.

The group Coordinator said that DR.GBENGA ADEOYE is an intelligent Professional that is likely to make the Egbas proud if given the opportunity to serve.

“If Ogun State people want to go for Quality, Professionalism, Possession of Verifiable Degrees, Good Governance and the birth of a New Ogun State; then it will be a good idea to consider Dr.Gbenga Adeoye.

He further posited that he became a fan of Dr. Gbenga Adeoye when he stumbled on his educational accomplishments as a glance at his Complimentary card from his Law firm or Accounting Firm shows :


Find below the standing posture of Gbenga Adeoye :

He is a Lawyer, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants, An Arbitrator of UK and Nigeria.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Law with Specialisation in International Business Law from The Prestigious University of London.

He is an Alumnus of Harvard Business School Executive Education where he studied Building New Business in Established Organisation. He is also an Alumnus of York Enterpreneouship Development Institute of Canada.

He has distinction in Time Management Certification From London Graduate School.
He holds a Master of Science degree in Banking and Finance from Olabisi Onabanjo University and a PhD in Management Accounting from Babcock University.

His footprint in Accounting, Auditing and Tax Practice is all over Nigeria and Africa.

When it comes to integrity; he was trained by a former Minister of Finance; Dr.Ona Olapo Soleye who is known for his zero tolerance for corruption till he died at age 90 on November 15, 2023.

He is an expert in Political Economy, Fiscal and Monetary Policies and have worked privately to tackle multi dimensional poverty and monetary poverty over the years.


When it comes to closeness to elders, he is said to be close to almost all the Monarchs in Egbaland as he, himself is from Erunwon; Ake Abeokuta and more or less a son of the Palace.

The new yoruba grammar Egba lokan should be restricted to Gbenga Lokan as he is fully an Egba man as his father is from Egba Ake and mother from Amigangan Compound: Ita Oje Gbagura Abeokuta.

He added that he has read Dr. Adeoye’s contributions in the National Dailies on various articles and views on International media on Ease of doing Business, Economic Development and skills exhibited in words and conduct tends to position him as a good candidate for governorship.

However most of the people in Egbaland that interacted with him to know if he will be interested in the Governorship seat in 2027 learnt that he does not like money politics and he is of the view that politics should not be regarded as an investment as that promotes corruption among elected leaders in that if you have to sell your houses and investments to lead; it means your first goal will be to recoup your investment using pay back period techniques and that is totally unacceptable as far as he is concerned.

..Amosun will see him as his younger brother, Chief Osoba and Chief Obasanjo will see him as their son.

The likes of Otunba Gbenga Daniel sees him as his younger brother and friend in all seasons despite the fact that OGD is from Remo and he is Egba but those who know his connection with those in power since 2003 confirm that OGD loves anyone who is intelligent and hard working regardless of your origin.


A lawyer: NBA Ogun State chapter will support him as their own and in fact those in the bench will not hesitate to vote for him as a Lawyer.

A Chartered Accountant: All ICAN Members are likely to support him as their own.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria…All Tax experts within and outside Government will most likely support him as their own.

He is a role player in real estate as a property Lawyer- Estate Surveyors are likely to support him as he was at a time a speaker in their major meetings.

An Arbitrator.His Conflict resolution skills in resolving commercial dispute is an added advantage.

Dr.Gbenga Adeoye is one of the finest Consultants in the history of Ogun State, refined like those ahead of him like Akintola Williams, sound in Law and scripture like Pastor Tunde Bakare and late Chief Sowemimo who was among the early pillars of Abeokuta Club.

A member of Abeokuta Club: Respected Professional among elders and they are likely to support him.

A member of Abeokuta Golf Club: Golfers may willingly support him.

Member of Egba Economic Summit.He is
Currently the Vice President of Egba Economic Summit Group where he once served as Director of Finance, Director of Education and Research.

He is also a member of Egba Legacy Network where many believed that the Next Governor of Ogun State will come from .The Group is led by Bukola Olopade though Lai Labode Jnr. is the President, Olumide Osoba is also a member while The Osi of Egbaland; Chief Bode Mustapha is a Patron .

Chief Bode Mustspha is also a major advocate of Egba Lokan slogan which means after Dapo Abiodun from Ijebu, Egba Should be the next Governor.

Network in the Body of Christ.
He is a member of Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International and was one time the President of The Financial Chapter in Ogun State.

He has links with Prof Yemi Osinbajo as a Lawyer and a sound Christian, many believe that the Likes of Prof.Yemi Osinbajo will likely support him because he is a Lawyer who also trained in his firm.

Link with Businesses in Nigeria.
He was said to have played and Continue to play key role in attracting businesses to Ogun State and Egbaland and those he has helped in business set up may see him as the best option.

To some, becoming the next governor is what they want to buy with money or get at all cost but to Dr.Gbenga Adeoye; he does not see it as something anyone should sell assets for and should not be a do or die affair and that account for why he stayed away from Politics for now.

Those who approached him to ask him about the politics of Ogun State were shocked when he said 2027 is too far away and that God has blessed him and politics as it is now is regarded as an investment and he is not ready to sell anything for that purpose since a call to serve for him is not an investment but sacrifice.

Political watchers in Nigeria and Ogun State are watching and waiting to know who in Egbaland will be the next Governor of Ogun State but a Lawyer, Chartered Accountant with PhD in Management Accounting , Arbitrator, Tax Expert with Post Graduate Masters Degree from University of London which is one of the Best Universities in the World who also trained at Harvard Business School in USA will be a good choice for Ogun State people in 2027.

The question is whether Dr. Gbenga Adeoye will be willing to run for Governorship under APC or any other party or he is not even ready to be part of politics that many believe does not align with his ideology.

Time will tell.


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